Another day

After enjoying his time in the new place, he has to get back to work. And done with his duties, as they agreed the day before, he prepares and goes to meet Chan to go to investigate those places. He also started reading some books from the library of the new house to see if there is any interesting intel from the past.
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1 | Mar 23rd 2024 16:35
MORAX "Well, I was not the only one alive back then, but if we look at our ancient ones... they are not that ancient." Compared to others.
If you think it is a place he would love, there is no reason why we shouldn't go to see it." He smiles slightly. He wants the chance to choose a boring place only he would enjoy, without regrets. XD
"I'm not certain but the clues we have seems to point that way..." He looks at the key thoughtfully. "It could even be a portal in form of key...but if so, how could we activate it..."
He is surprised to hear after seeing the eastern ruins. "How can it be...what do the reports from the south of that time say? You suddenly lost every contact?"
Chan «I know, but you are the only one from those times who seems willingly to talk about it. Or to talk at all.» He assumes that Ziqun was alive too, but he didn't really care about the world and didn't leave the Halls before some months ago.
«All right. Who knows, maybe you'd get to enjoy it too. We will visit the Buddhist temples.» He thinks that is the only thing Zhongli could appreciate in Bangkok.

Lani. «I assume not even you can read the inscriptions in those photographs. I tried to decipher or traslate them, but never had any success.»
He nods. «We weren't in very close contacts with them and before the time of my capture… we definitely didn't hear from them, at least from the southern of their mainland.»

While they speak, Chan's phone rings and he answers right away, since it's Cyno. «No, we aren't back to the city yet. Why? Did something… what? Are you sure there isn't some trouble in GuiJi?»
MORAX "It should be no secret how the world came to be. There are some things I couldn't possibly reveal, but I'll always share what I can."
He shrugs. "Who knows. Maybe I'll appreciate the whole place more than you think.
Hm...if it is a translation you need, Xianyun could help. Knowledge element is strong in her, she could be able to translate or give an interpretation. didn't find anything at all in the city?" He moves his gaze on Chan. "Have you ever heard of similar cases? Something is terribly wrong there..."
He frowns a little as he hears what Chan says to the phone. "Troubles?"
Chan «So everyone knew, they just… forgot after the cataclysm, like the knowledge about the gods?»
He ponders for some moments, how messy and chaotic Bangkok can be… «Maybe, maybe…» He highly doubts. «They make lovely fresh, fruit drinks in the streets…» And those completely sexy jelly balls.

Lani. «You can keep those pictures and show her. I don't need them anymore, I have them well impressed in my memory and on my computer.»
He sighs. «I didn't explore it too in depth, since I could feel a looming sense of dread and fear all over me. But it really looked as if people simply… vanished in the middle of their every day activities…» He slightly nods. «I heard of a similar case, but… it's not necessarily connected. I have done some researches and found out that something similar happened even on Planet Earth, but… without real clues it's hard to come up with theories and conclusions…»

Chan glances at Zhongli. «Cyno says that the guards at the gate aren't letting him and the kids back to Guyun, because there is an emergency going on…»
MORAX "I wouldn't say they knew all the details, probably just from the arrival of auriolds.
Oh, brillant. I love fruits." He doesn't have high expectations after Chan insisted how he wouldn't like the city.
"Very well." He wraps the pictures carefully to take them back to Xianyun.
He remains silent, pondering the matter. "Who could do such a thing... maybe...unlike the eastern people and knights who tried to fight, maybe southern tried to look for a way to end their sufferings without getting all affected by the plague...but it is only a theory. Maybe their ruler went for some drastic 'solution'...
What?" He frowns a little. "He doesn't know what's going on? It seems it is time for me to go back..."