He is warned that WooPil returned to the palace safely, but he is still very angry at his concubines regardless and intends to punish them. Luckily WooPil is fine or they might have really faced something bad.
He has them all kneeling and uses magic on them, they don't feel anything at first. He sends them away, telling them to return to their residences and to not show up in front of him for a few days.

He immediately visits WooPil to make sure his boy is alright and also asks what happened exactly. He is not sure what to think about Johan's involvement, but since WooPil is fine, he lets it be.
Some days pass and his mood is still not great. He works as usual, but doesn't go to meet anyone, he just fullfills his duties and returns to his own residence.

It is morning and he is heading towards the throne room. Meanwhile, the days he asked his concubines to not show up are passed.
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MORAX He slightly nods. ''It is only right, it is what heroes like you all deserve.'' He is also curious to learn more about who were the Knights, the ones in command at least.
''I assure you he appreciates us old men more than other kids.'' He makes a slight, amused smile.
He looks at him, listening carefully to the explaination of the rings. ''They must be incredibly valuable...may I ask why you want to gift them to WooPil? There is more than his help with your child, I presume.''
He shuts his eyes at the exact explaination of the matter. ''LianSul...I have a friend that knows extremely well curses. Maybe he'd be able to lend you a hand, but I am afraid that if Ziqun can't...then no one will be able to change it.''
LianSul «Really? How so? My children used to obsess over playing with other little ones, to the point they'd become unbearable.» He sadly had normal children!! Woopino would rather have tea with the old men, eat all the snacks.
«He is the only child of my wife's dearest late friend… we have been wishing to give him a valuable gift.» Of course there is more, he wants WooPil to have them because he feels guilty for what BangSul did to WonPil, even if it happened before LianSul was born.
«I… somehow, am no longer affected by the curse. I never knew how it happened, but it was many centuries ago… though, all my children and grandchildren are endangered by it, although it seems to be in effect only in this world. I would appreciate if your friend could give his opinion…»
MORAX ''I am not sure why he is this way, he also didn't really appreciate his other sister...but he was never rude or meant to be nasty towards others, he is a sweetheart but very sensitive.
I understand now...you can be certain I'll give these precious rings to WooPil, I'll also make sure he treasures them.'' He is sure WooPil will take care of them if he understands they are important.
''Could it be...related to their behaviour in life? Maybe your kids...committed some sort of crime?''
LianSul «I guess he just feels more at ease that way, it shouldn't be a problem. Children teaming up together can be quite a chaotic force.» He smiles.
«Xiexie, my Lord. If these rings can bring him even a slight joy, in the future, I will consider it a blessing.» At least one small deed he could make to try to make up for his father's greatest mistake.
«No, it wasn't my children's fault, but my father's. Me and my siblings were all born with the curse, the fact it got… lifted, from me… I prefer not to make speculations… it could have been just a case.»
MORAX ''It is not. He just likes it better that way...it doesn't matter to me, he likes to be with us or his older brothers.
I'm sure he will appreciate...once he grows his own family, I'm confident they'll become an important part, maybe like his own family jewelry.'' He bows his head.
''We'll see what Ziqun has to say on the matter. A Curse Master like him should know what to do...'' He doesn't want to raise hopes too much, fearing the curse might not be possible to undo.