When he returns from Earth, he is warned WooPil has gone missing. That makes him extremely worried and immediately sends people to look for him, find any useful clue to find the child.
He is trying his all to find as many clues as possible, people of Guyun being by his side since he made WooPil one very loved prince.
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Woopino «I hope… so… so I will make tasty food to make all my family happy…» Probably except the new brothers.
«I… I have been on the train that flies in the stars… Mr Yang was… was also very nice…» Although Dan Heng would seem more like his type, psychoish.
Chan and Cyno are kinda doing that by now, but they are not searching their area yet!!
«W… we will also have to pack dinner to bring to daddy, when we go back…»
Straggler "Don't forget about your uncle when you become a good cook, WooPil. Remember this day and how I shared with you my spam." XD
"Yeah...that train is incredible, but Himeko...her watermelons...wow. To be clear, I also like plums." He raises his hands for a moment but Miko throws a napkin at him regardless.
"Don't worry, I already left aside something. Finish what we have here."
Woopino «Sh… shi, I will remember and give good food to you and big sister too…» The kitchen staff would be especially perplexed.
«She has watermelons…» And she didn't share any with him?? He just needs to want some round fruits and ask for boobs. «I like plums too! Daddy and… and I have a tree! We planted it in the garden!»
Relieved that ZhongLi won't feed the lack of spam, he continues to eat more lightheartedly. He sure eats a lot for a child of his size.
Straggler "Yeah, that's my nephew!" He wraps his arm around WooPil for a moment.
"She sure does." He snorts at the thought of her...watermelons. "Anyhow. Fruit is good, nice and healthy, luckily I bought some from the market today."

"I'll have a banana. Do you want some, WooPil? You look very hungry." Miko watches him eat. "It is good, isn't it? What a good kid..."
Woopino «When our tree will… will become big, we will also have many boobs to pick up and eat!»
He nods. «Shi… I love bananas! They… they are lovely!» Nobody is surprised he prefers bananas to watermelons.
«I… I really like to eat!» he says shyly. «Can we bring a banana for daddy too?»