Esmerelda Michaels - Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

Name: Esmerelda Michaels
Nickname(s): Esme, Zelda
Sex: Female
Gender: Cisgender
Species: Human
Pronouns: She/her
Sexuality: Bisexual (switch)
Age: 23

Height: 5 foot 6
Weight: 172 lbs
Figure: Curvy and chubby, has a big chest.
Hair color: Shoulder length Wavy white hair
Skin color: Light Ivory
Eye color: Pale Blue

Body markings: None
Scars: None
Bruises: None
Piercings: Both ears pierced, often with hoop earrings on
Glasses: None
Tattoos: Tattoo of a dream catcher on her left bicep
Occupation: Barista
Family: Mother and father (deceased)
Friends: Carson and Katie Shapiro
Significant other: None

Likes: Dreaming, sparkles, princesses, etc
Dislikes: Loud noises, broken glass, nightmares, cars, etc
Drinker: Yes
Smoker: No
Drugs: No


Esmerelda Michaels is a big dreamer with a big heart. On her high school graduation her parents got into a bad car accident while making it to the venue and not until after the ceremony completed was she notified about the accident. Luckily, she had a job as a café barista already and could continue down that path into adulthood so she could pay the bills and make a life of her own. She blames herself for their death and lives everyday wishing she could turn back the clock and be there eith her parents in their last moments.
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