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22 / Other / Married
Wonderland, United States
***I Will Not Usually Send A Request First As I am Too Anxious To Message First***

I am a roleplayer with a decade of experience. When possible, I prefer to move my roleplays to discord since I am more active there. However you can also message me on Instagram ichigaulait.rp or ichigaulait.plots

My style of roleplays tend to be very anime-esque! This is due to the sheer amount of shoujo romance and boy love manga I have read. However, I can also RP more realistic plot lines.

I do not often rp Sc-fi or medieval themes as I am not good at them, I prefer modern contemporary/ modern fantasy.

I also do enjoy dark themes in my roleplays HOWEVER if you aren't comfortable with something tell me so I can avoid it. I WILL NOT RP L*WD/N*FW scenes on as it not allowed here and do not come to me with the intention of roleplaying those themes specifically on my other social media platforms.

I am an advanced lit roleplayer so I do not do one liners or iliterate roleplays and I only roleplay in third person as it feels to personal to use first.

I am a bit picky with who I roleplay with, so if I do not message you back please don't take it personal. However, I will add you as a friend if I find I may enjoy reading what you post or feel like I made desire an RP in the future. Not a friend collector though, so unless I think we might RP I will not friend you back.

I only do original character roleplays, and all my roleplays center around romance.

I am married, so please don't message me with the intention of escalating our relationship to anything more than friends.

I will not roleplay with Furry accounts or Canon Story Accounts. Sorry, I am only interested in original stories. I will block you if you send me too many friend requests.

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