Damon Roark, The Altered Beast

(( Still a Work in Progress ))

Full Name: Subject-343, but currently gave himself the name Damon Roarke
Nickname(s): The Subject, The Altered Beast
Age: Appears to be in Early to Mid-20's
Date of Birth: December 10th, unknown year
Birthplace: W.I.P.

Hair: Black and some streaks of White, Long in back, which is usually kept in a braied ponytail (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Eyes: Light Grey (Normal, but varies on different beast forms)
Height: 5'10" (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Weight: 155'lbs (Normal, but caries on the different beast forms)
Body Type: Well-built and Toned (Normal, but varies on the different beast forms)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight (Heterosexual)
Race: Human/Genome-Cyborg
Distinguishing Features: The giant scar on his torso and chest, which is in the shape of a distorted X, along with many other scars from previous battles
Clothing Type: A simple white shirt and a black sleeveless military jacket over it. The jacket is also adorned with many pockets. He also wears a pair of dark brown paratrooper pants, black combat boots, and brown fingerless padded gloves. He will wear almost anything he can find as well.

Personality: Because of his upbringing, Damon is a very stern and cautious individual. He has a deep hatred for the government that made him into the freak he is today, showing no mercy to any of their soldiers and agents that intend to bring him back. However, with his current abilities, he uses them with great pride against his creators. Damon also displays gifted, almost enhanced intelligence as well, being able to use his mind to his advantage at any given time. Deep down inside, Damon wonders if his creation is false, as he was intended to be used as a weapon for the government's own personal gain. He is very depressed and troubled inside and usually speaks outloud from this.

Relationship status: Single
Parents: Unknown
Sibling: Unknown
Occupation: Genome Super-Soldier (Formerly), Vigilante (Current)
Likes: Being alone, using his abilities against bad guys, traveling, soda of any kind, reading books
Dislikes: The American Government, bad people, being used for evil

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