*He is 20 years old*

He has been out of sight for a while. He grabbed the chance to be free from Sao and moved the farthest possible from him.
He has never been the brightest when it comes to women. It wouldn't even be the first time he gets tricked by a woman, it is as if he looks for that kind of trouble.

He has been living in the West and right now not in the best condition as he was completely robbed of any money, jewel he had. The only thing she couldn't take is his greatsword.
He is walking in the market. Regardless the heat, he is covered completely and wears a satgat.
He has a little bundle wrapped in a long cloth, tied around his shoulder and waist, on the front. His greatsword is on his back, wrapped in cloth as well. It is extremely long but not thick.
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XiFan "I am not sure what Gods are, but it's not the first time I hear that word..." It's as if Serenity was one.
"Indeed, she is a great queen and she does a lot for the realm. She keeps the whole solar system safe, together with the sailor senshi."
He sighs and takes a small ball out of his pocket. He throws it in the air and it becomes the big cat head it uses to be. "I shouldn't have put her away, she would have protected me from you."

LaNi. "They want to destroy everything that is like Shiinden, because it's a threat to their evil intentions."
He looks down. "There is no way he won't know you are here. Don't misbehave." He is a bit worried of WuXin's reaction.

He makes a pout when Zhan scolds him. "Sorry!"

LaNi. In the end, he covers her well and looks at Zhan. "She is in perfect shape. There is nothing to be worried about, she is in good health."
MORAX "How can someone not know. I thought it was as normal sd breathing...
They are the best. Tell them I'm their biggest fan and I look forward meeting them all. Amazing ladies."
He follows him with gaze and looks at Luna-P in surprise. "How could it protect you? What can it do? And don't complain anymore, you are still alive." Well, for him a bite is really nothing even in terms of pain.
"How would he know if he doesn't see me? I'll hide well." WuXin would have mixed feelings but wouldn't kick him out, especially right now.
"Good. I fed her with the best blood I found. Luckily she.can feed like I do."
XiFan "As normal as breathing? Clearly gods aren't needed to live, if we could live without."
He nods. "They are! You finally speak in a nice way that I like!" They could fangirl about his mommy forever.
"It can defend, attack, create things, change shape..." It's probably the only real useful thing he has. "I also can use it to communicate with Sailor Mercury from any location! That way, I can tell her to tell my mom i love her!"
He rubs his wrist. "Barely." It's the worst pain he ever felt, he is a true wimp.

LaNi. "He is connected to this place, he probably already knows since the first second you came to Shiinden. But don't worry, you won't be in troubles here unless you hurt others."
He bites his lip. "I think that SangPil receives blood from this House as food. He can share it with the two of you, so you won't need to take it from Knights."
MORAX "You need Gods to live if they are the ones who created you. Aniyo?" He is starting to doubt his knowledge. XD
"I can't wait to go to your Kingdom..." It'd be a too happy, perfect ending for Zhan to be possible :v
He studies the device, intrigued. He aims to poke it with a finger. "You have to tell her every single day, don't forget. And thank Sailor Mercury.
Did it stop to bleed? Maybe LaNi can do more, he is a good doctor. Or your umma can kiss it." Yes, he is sure a kiss would actually help it. XD
"I don't want to hurt others but tell them not to come to bother me...
Fine. If it is well served here..." It tastes better when you hunt for it!!
XiFan "I think someone would know if we had been created by gods. Didn't my mom and dad create me, though?" Doubting gods inside the goddess's house.
Also since he'd basically have only MoonPil to interact with, there.
The device doesn't do anything as it gets touched, it's not too sensitive luckily, although it seems to have some consciousness.
"I will thank her of course, why would.yiy need to specify."
The wound stopped bleeding ages before, but he dares not to look. "I don't think it stopped..." He looks at LaNi.

LaNi. "SangPil lives here, he is the Gold Knight of this House. Try not to get useless hostilities with him, so you'll all live comfortably here. This House is Zimkesha's, meaning it will surely.do good to both you and your baby to be here."