Post Apocalyptic Character - Dexter Ashdown


Name: Dexter Ashdown
Nickname: Ace

Gender: Male
Species/Racial Origin: Caucasian

Temperament :
Dominant (100%)
Alpha Male (100%)

Language: English (Primary)

Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: None

Physical Description

Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 152lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue Steel

Known Equipment

Sidearm: H&K USP Tactical (45cal)
Long-gun: FN P90 Submachine Gun
Armor: Full Body Ballistic Armor with LBV
Misc.: Police Duty Belt with Additional Sidearm Magazines, Pepper Spray, Handcuffs
Vehicle: Customized INKAS Huron Armored Personnel Carrier

Additional Notes

Dexter is an unknown...he never seems to stay in one place too long and is always on the move, from one settlement to the next but never staying anywhere to get attached.

His presence and mannerisms are that of someone in full control, he can be an imposing figure to most people as he tends to say very little in public and is always surveying his surroundings. He is a man who does not tolerate fools and has no issue with making this known, his reputation that drifts between settlements are that once on the road he will scavenge and take anything he wants if he runs across it and anyone attempting to stop him from taking it seem to just disappear.

It is often thought that perhaps he was a Police Officer before the world went to sh*t, this is often reinforced as he seems to always be seen wearing Military or Police Spec body armor and associated gear which provides him significant protection from others who might be looking to take what he has, he also tends to have a polished badge of some sort attached to his armor.

Often seen near his behemoth of a vehicle, an INKAS Huron Armored Personnel Carrier that had been converted by him to operate as his own personal home in the unstable world. Loaded with everything he'd need to survive, from lodging to provisions to firearms, this vehicle has been converted to operate on a a set of integrated solar panels providing power to an onboard battery system capable of driving the vehicle in the absence of other combustible fuel.

How he funds himself is unknown, however he never seems to have a shortage of items for sale or trade when visiting settlements and some have even rumored that he has a basecamp somewhere in the wasteland where he may keep females that he has acquired during his travels in the wasteland, for personal enjoyment or possible sale though this has never been confirmed as no one to ever have even thought to find this camp has ever returned.
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