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ZeroKiryu's Blog

Qrow Branwen

Name : Qrow Branwen
hair: Black
eyecolor: Red
sex: Straight

Qrow is a huntsman who almost always travels around the world as he is busy with his missions and when not on a mission he is still most likely to travel or keep his distance from everyone as he seems to have misfortune where ever he goes but he learned to live with it by drinking very much and trained to even fight putting the misfortune in his own advanced if you want learn more then maybe you find out more in a rp as he maybe will tell more about it

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7 | 0 Comments | Apr 1st 2018 06:43

Ichas uchiha

Name : Ichas Uchiha
age: 18 or looks as 18 years
hair: one half black other half light green
eyecolor:left eye is red/sharigan and right eye is light blue
sex:straight and single

Ichas is a boy who had a tough life he parents were murdered by his uncle when he was just 6 years old and he ran away into the forest normally he had died as it was not for Formis formis is a beast inside of Ichas who looks as a white tiger with blue stripes because of that ichas was young the formis had send him away form that world into earth were his powers were no more or weaker then normal now he only had the power from the formis and he build up his life in a forest now ichas is 18 years old or he looks like he is 18 years now he lifes in a house he made at a lake in the forest and just tries to life a normal life
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2 | 0 Comments | Jun 17th 2015 07:00


Name : Byakuran
age: 20
hair: white
sex:straight and single

Byakuran is a normal friendly person who is very good at chest and thinking couple steps ahead and it doesnot matter by what he tries to get ultimate power by collecting the sky ring from a family and colleting a sky chain so he gets all the power from it he already has the other ring so that are the only two who he is missing Byakuran travels between worlds and dimentions to search for them but who know where he comes and what will happen
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8 | 0 Comments | Jun 17th 2015 06:41

Zero Kiryu

Name: Zero Kiryu
age: 18 in human age vampire age is 1000 years
gender: male
sex:straight and single

Zero is a vampire who lives into the woods in a wooden house at a lake he is a 1000 years old and survives by drinking blood form humans at night most of the time he choose a person who is alone and after that he is done he leaves or takes care of them by taking them to a safe place till they wake up but even with this is zero very friendly and really dont want ot hurt any but he needs blood to life so he has no choose... as a job he hunt other vampire or other creatures who harm the humans in any way or who broke the rules from the council
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24 | 2 Comments | Jun 17th 2015 06:31