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(Zero Kiryu)
29 / Male / In a Relationship
READ THIS FIRST PLEAS AND JUST SO YOU KNOW MY ENGLISH IS NOT PERFECT !!.. and do you want perfect grammer and so just dont add me pleas


1.if we cant come out of a rp within 2 days i will remove you and say you can add me again if you still want to do a rp

2. if you havenot giving me a reason why not online for 1 week long then i will
remove you too with the same message if you ever come online again

3. im happy to rp anything around romance but for people not understanding im a romance/fantasy roleplayer so dont come here with action rps pleas..

4. if your active for 1 mostly whole day or 2 / 3 days only some while not sending a reply , replying only once a day or twice without giving me a reason i suspect that you maybe ignore me as that happens a lot.. on the site..
i will send one last reply and if no answer on that i will just delete you

5. we can talk normally im even happy to hear out problems you have but
this still a rp site so i still rather rp then talk normally whole day fine with all kinds of rps that surround romance rps so long we just discuss everything and things we dont want into the rp and all those things

7. dont think i will write whole stories im not that kind of person im fine with one liners but i rather have semi with atleast around 4 lines as i then can have something to work with to reply

8. i will only add girls im just more comfortable with that and im here to RP if you wanne talk you need to have good reason for it or we need to RP a long time already

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