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21 / Male / Single
Tulsa, Oklahoma - United States
Hey, thanks for checking out my profile! I have quite a few fandoms that I like to role-play, my main ones being, Marvel, DC, Dragon Ball Z, and a few others just ask and I'll let you know what they are!

I have quite a bit of Oc's in my blog, , Check them out here if you want to see them! I'm adding a few more in the future just with work and other things in life that are going on.

If you want to role-play just hit me up, I'm willing to do mostly anything, genre-wise, I like mainly romance and crossovers as well but again I'm down for almost anything.

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Q. Hey are you still there?
A. Sorry I've been really busy. I'll reply in a bit.
 Sep 11th 2017 15:18

Q. Why no replies?
A. Sorry I thought I replied to you.
 Sep 11th 2017 04:39

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Come back
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Still there? I gotta sleep soon
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Dude talk to me now
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Haven't Had any messages or replies from you!
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