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@melancholia couldn’t help myself! Made you another one! Hope you like it,
3  May 2nd 2021 18:46

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Q. i had to keep them shorter? to keep your eyes open i assume? ;-)
A. Yes
 Jan 18th 2021 03:33

RayanM asked the question
Q. Tell me your discord doll
A. Spider-girl590#3293
 Nov 6th 2020 22:41

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“I’m fine, don’t worry about it. And you’re certainly not the beat, by the way...”
19 hours ago

“I’m sorry, did you say sidekick?” Tony scoffed. “I am not a sidekick..” He said to her. “And I don’t need a sidekick...”
19 hours ago

May 4th 2021 15:16

Aww do you like me and the rp that much?
May 4th 2021 14:49

You’re just waiting for my reply?
May 4th 2021 14:45

Nothing. Why?
May 4th 2021 14:43

May 2nd 2021 21:34

May 2nd 2021 21:03

Read our messages. It's written there
May 2nd 2021 21:01

Girl what??? In charge of what?
May 2nd 2021 20:38