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Q. i had to keep them shorter? to keep your eyes open i assume? ;-)
A. Yes
 Jan 18th 2021 03:33

Brendan asked the question
Q. rwar
A. Hi
 Aug 2nd 2020 18:08

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“I’m fine, don’t worry about it. And you’re certainly not the beat, by the way...”
May 5th 2021 23:50

“I’m sorry, did you say sidekick?” Tony scoffed. “I am not a sidekick..” He said to her. “And I don’t need a sidekick...”
May 5th 2021 23:39

Sure sure
Apr 25th 2021 18:02

I wish we could as well! Sorry for the wait by the way just got occupied with some things!
Apr 25th 2021 13:44

It's alright
Jan 22nd 2021 01:47

yes Kia?
Jan 18th 2021 03:31

i understand...time-zones can be hard ;-)
Jan 17th 2021 03:31

Jan 15th 2021 03:39

Jan 15th 2021 03:38

Hello my princess. Daddy loves you x
Dec 11th 2020 18:40