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(Kia Skywood)
25 / Female / Married
New York - United States
Hello there! I'm the KillerSpider, I’m the next Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Just kidding with you! Hope we can rp soon and maybe catch a drink. What’s your blood type? Now my main is Kia Skywood she’s a real pain in the neck. But you will love her.

I love collecting comics and Funko pops and anything really superheroes and Star Wars! Also if you friend me first you message first, if I friend you then I might message you lol. Also I have a BOYFRIEND so please no flirting. This is a multi ship account please no complaining I love rping and love romance, hope to rp with you guys soon! I also treat all romance roleplays as a separate universe in PMs.

@ClownPrinceOfCrime- This guy and I have been roleplaying with each other for a long time. He’s honestly the best Darth Maul ever. He’s also one of my closest friends on here, he drives me crazy though but hey I do the same thing to him. Don’t mess with him or I’ll mess with your face. He my brother he’s the best person ever. I still love you 3000.

@Z0mb1 - Your such a great brother to me and always make me laugh really hard. Your always there for ,e and I will always be there for you. Your the most important guy in my life. If anyone hurts you I will seriously hunt them down and end them.

@Havok- Is my sister and I love her and I swear I hear your picking on her or making her cry. You for real regret it. Love you sis and always will.

@Jeffery_The_Killed -He is my brother he's always there when I need someone to talk to. He is really my best friend and I wouldn't know what to do without him. That's why I will never let him leave my side. If you hurt my brother I will find you and kill you luv ya little bro!!!

@TOXIN_SYMBIOTE- Is Shanna’s fiancé and the father to their son Seth. She loves Galen and if anyone tried to take him she will force choke them.

@Nightmare_Chad- Best roleplayer with gore, he plays an amazing character named Chad! You should rp with him since he has the best stories ever!

@ForgottenShadow- He’s my brother on here and he’s the best honestly. I have been roleplaying with him for almost a year now and he’s a great guy. He’s a great friend and he’s super sweet and kind to me...he doesn’t let me down. If you hurt him not joking I’ll hurt you.

@PrinceOfHell- Is Kia’s soulmate, they had know each other for years having feelings for him but never said anything. Then he came back for Kia and she fell in love with him all over again, she received letters from him through out the years always keeping them in a box reading them. If you touch him she will personally kill you slowly.

@Darkmasster777 - Is Ashlynn’s husband. She is very glad that she had found someone for her that makes her feel happy and loved. He helps her calm down when she is nervous and makes all her worries go away. She is very lucky she had find him and can call him hers. Ashlynn loves her Dark Prince and hopes they will spend eternity together forever. When she met him she was shy but she goes over it and their first date was at a pizza parlor and she thought it was really cute when he tried pizza for the first time. Now they are together and she loves him so much and nothing will tear them apart.

@RoyaltyOfMirkwood- Is Kia’s husband and she definitely loves him very much from the moon and back. She would risk her life for him. She would do anything he would ask her to do, she had a child with him a little girl name Lassiel. She treasures their child and him as well so back off!

@Skybird- She was there when I needed her most, she stuck up for me and I will always have her back. She is caring, sweet, smart, and funny I’m very glad to have her as a friend and her character as a sister wife to Kia. Love ya sis!

@BlueyPotato- Is my brother, yeah we didn’t know each other for long but at least he talks to me and isn’t extremely rude. I had a brother that I cared about and when he left me, this guy was there for me and he was very nice and sweet. He’s my brother.

@TheArrowVerse- Is my first rp that I loved so much, he is an incredible writer and helped me create my character Kia on who she is today. He even introduced me to one of my best friends on here, such a great guy.

@rayanM- Is my master and I belong to him.

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-♥♥--♥♥ (Depression)
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-♥♥--♥♥ Or any
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" I once died for killing a monster but now I understand the monster more then most. I am a king, I am a leader....I am the beast that roams the night. I do as I please and I do what business is must needed. I am written in history books that might have been lost in old times but I will surely make history. "

@KingOfTwoSins @KingOfTwoSins
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Q. "Hello there my Queen,. Shall we get outside in the snow?. The forest is realy beautifull now"
A. Kia bows and smirks “Of course you may my love.” She spoke taking his hand as they would walk outside in the snow.
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rayanM asked the question
Q. LOve mY BaBy
A. I love master too!
 Dec 12th 2019 09:06

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"You'll learn fast enough to dance my sweet love. Just follow my lead" He hold her close and started to dance with her.
7 hours ago

message me please on discord
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"I already can danse the salsa. Want to try it out love?. I'll guide you in it" He smiled at her and toke her hand.
Jan 16th 2020 16:11

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"Hello there my Queen,. How is my beautifull doing?. It seems you are wearing colors of your kingdom"
Jan 16th 2020 14:51

Jan 15th 2020 00:53

It's better now that I'm not stressed anymore
Jan 15th 2020 00:40

Hope your night going well
Jan 15th 2020 00:38

"Hello there sweetcheeks" Dean grins
Jan 14th 2020 11:19

I sent you a reply
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