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(✦Needy & Deranged Ohimesama✧)
21 / Female / Engaged
Niigata - Japan
⚠ I do NOT accept AI ART profiles, Furry profiles or HUMAN character profiles!

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"Welcome! I hope you're having a great day! Take off your shoes and relax. I'd be happy to serve you some tea or perhaps you want food? Whatever it is you desire, let me fulfill your every need!~Nyu♥"

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:¨ ·.· ¨:⠀ ໒ ๋࣭ Timezone: GMT+9
`· . ꕮ ᘞ ˚. Status: Active

⚠ This user is not "wholesome" friendly but does post wholesome content!

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Welcome to my world...


English is NOT my first language. If you cannot be patient please do not send me a request. I am here to make friends, have fun and roleplay!

If you have had the pleasure to be with me through my last few attempts here, thank you. I am here to roleplay but I am far more into casually chatting/talking. If that's an issue please do not send me a request.

Please call me Kins. I have been roleplaying off and on for six years. You can message me about my interest in private for privacy reasons. I do have a clingy personality so if that's not your thing kindly look over my profile. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable with my personality.

Moving on, here are some personal things about me:

• I like Anime/Manga
• I love attention
• I love cold weather
• I love the rain
• I love cuddles/head pats
• I love hot chocolate
• I'm Japanese
• I speak Korean, Spanish, English and French
• I'm engaged in real life to @Trickster

Since I've been on here before I know the sort of people that use this site. Here is a set of things I do not welcome around me...(I'll go into better detail about my rules in my blog, please read them when you get a chance)

Emotional Manipulation
Furries (not to be confused with Kemonomimi species)

ⓘ I post real pictures of me, my friends and my REAL life. You do NOT have my permission or consent to save and use my pictures!

@Oppression My 'special' dweeb.

@DarkHanzo He gives me butterflies.

@Albert_Parker_ He's honestly so precious.

@Fangs Devoted smol bean.

@Pathological He's a cutiepootie.

.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.✧✦✧ ✦ ✧✦✧ ✦ ✧✦✧.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.·:·.

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Latest Status

I started to work at this local coffee shop I like. It's not like I need the money but, it gives me an excuse to get out more. My time here will be on a set schedule that I will post in the coming days.
5  Jul 13th 2024 18:53

Latest Comments

Busy, hon?
Jun 21st 2024 00:53

Love you, loserrrr.
Jun 21st 2024 00:37

Text me though! I'm just going to go since you don't want to game with me.
Jun 21st 2024 00:37

You brat!
Jun 21st 2024 00:37

Probably because you're making characters for people rather than ones you like.
Jun 21st 2024 00:36

I'll text you.
Jun 21st 2024 00:34

Loser, and yeah.
Jun 21st 2024 00:34

Hop on Fortnite. I'm going to be leaving my house soon.
Jun 21st 2024 00:32

Your wifi is faster than mine. Screw you!
Jun 21st 2024 00:32

Keep it forever!
Jun 21st 2024 00:28