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♡ ⋆。Princess's Plot Ideas

***These are premade plot ideas that I have come up with. If you wish to pick one just give me the number and we can discuss it better in private. ***

Dark route= NSFW Light route=Wholesome/SFW

1. I'm a student that has transferred to your school. You can play as a teacher/classmate. The SFW route is as my classmate. We can start off as friends, enemies or lost childhood friends. The end goal is marriage and starting a family with bumps along the way. The teacher route is NSFW. You are obsessed with my character and eventually end up kidnapping them. Dark kinks are permitted on this route.

2. In a world where supernatural beings are superior and humans are sold like cattle you can play as any supernatural being looking for a slave. In the SFW route you buy my character and it turns into love. In the NSFW route you are cruel and Sadistic and seek a slave of a certain type. This type can be discussed in private but the end goal is mentally breaking my character and ends with complete submission on my end.

3. In a world where women are viewed as property with no rights; your character stumbles upon mine and finds it shocking that she's not claimed yet. In the SFW route you mean her no harm and teach her about the current situation she's in. You offer to take her in and things grow serious between you two. In the NSFW route you force your way on my character and have your own sick plans for her.

4. You work hard and need something to come home to. You decide to pick up a stray. You're going to be the best pet parent! Life gets weird and that stray cat turns into a neko by morning. Now you have a hybrid girl living with you. In the SFW route you and my character work out life living together. There will be funny moments and even a possible relationship between the two. In the NSFW route you plan to make her earn her keep in your own sick way..or ways?

5. We're childhood friends. We've been through it all and are approaching our teen years. In the SFW route we grow to be in love and grow old together. In the NSFW route you start looking too hard at my character. You end up convincing her to take your cherry and from there you develop a craving to take her daily. She only needs you...right?

6. You're a charmer. You don't know the meaning of no. Until one day, a woman tells you no. In the SFW route this turns into a delightful friendship and playful back and forth between me and your character. In the NSFW route you're mentally unstable and now all your attention is focused on my character...for better or for worse.

7. Adopting a teenager in your early 40's seemed like a good idea, Isn't it? In the SFW route I am your daughter figure and we grow to have a loving relationship as parent and teen. In the NSFW route my character doesn't plan to ever see yours as a parent or you don't plan to see my character as your child.

8. You stumble upon a castle belonging to a Vampire. Will they be merciful or will you become their new plaything? In the SFW route I am a playful vampire that likes teasing humans. This can be a casual or serious relationship. In the NSFW route you're the Vampire and you need a new blood doll.

9. Being pulled into your sister's favorite Otaku game was something you never expected! You crushed on how cute the main antagonist was and you sympathized with her tragic backstory. You are determined to give her a better ending but things never go exactly the way you want! In the SFW route you meet the antagonist (me) and we go through the daily ends and outs at a magical school. The only thing is...YOU HAVE NO MAGIC. You have to prove your worth to these elite students and worse off your desired antagonist hates your guts! A sweet and sour tale of enemies turned lovers. In the NSFW route you've made a grave mistake in thinking the antagonist has any redeeming qualities. You didn't realize the backstory you read was fan-service! In reality the antagonist you love so much is a homicidal maniac with borderline personality disorder. Now she has her eyes set on you! In this route you will witness my character kill, torture and force herself on--you get the idea! This Yandere might be the death of you!

10. You never planned on falling in love. In fact you were more than happy living your days drowning in drugs and whatever attractive woman would give you the time of day. You lived without purpose and if you died no one would be there to mourn you. That's why your death was such a sad case. It caught the attention of the Goddess of Retribution. It was her duty to send you off to hell but instead she had other plans for you. In the SFW route the Goddess (me) allows you the chance to go back to a certain point in your life where things went wrong. It's like a "do-over" but with my character always hovering over your shoulder. The time we spend together allows us to get closer and thus the forbidden union of a Goddess and a human unfold. In the NSFW route you have no intentions of living a better life. In fact, you've become obsessed with the Goddess who decided to save your soul. How far will you go to corrupt the soul of a divine maiden?

11. Oop! You died. In your previous life you prayed to live a much more easier life in your next life. Wish granted! You end up being reincarnated as a Samurai in the year 1623 doing the Edo period in Japan. Unlike what you read this world is different. There are demons but no need to fear! You're the OP main character. You end up meeting my character, a naive girl that you saved from being assaulted. She demands that you teach her the way of the sword so that she can protect herself. With much protest you finally agree to teach her. In the SFW route we travel together hunting down demons and making money so that we can have an easier life together. Our characters end up falling for one another and eventually get rewarded with some land and you become the Lord over it. We eventually have a family and live happily ever after. In the NSFW route you're a disgraced samurai and rather than do the right thing and commit seppuku your character ends up assaulting mine. You force my character into servitude and you acquire your own land by killing off the previous Lord. You soon then acquire a group of women to serve under you and they're forced to do all sorts of things for you.

**More plots will be added as I think of them. Everything here can be discussed/altered as needed in private.**
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♡ ⋆。Princess's Diary (Rules)

** *Do NOT copy/paste/use anything I have taken time to type off my profile. You will be reported and listed as a thief on all roleplay platforms I am currently on.***

***I will give you a week to respond to me. After that time if you have not responded or expressed needing more time I will remove you.***

**If I accept your request I will NOT talk first. You are expected to talk first and if you do not you will be removed after three days.**
૮₍ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ₎ა !!

Please take time to read my rules. Everything stated here is to protect me and help me obtain ideal roleplay partners. Even though I am here to mostly chat/make bonds I do indulge in roleplay and desire more literate, competent and serious roleplayers. If you are here to indulge mostly in NSFW plots I am not interested. I don't mind dark plots/NSFW plots but the story and the reasons behind the path walked and choices and actions made by our characters add depth! Give me effort and I'll give you more.

"What's crazy to you can be perfectly normal to someone else".

Don't judge not only me but anyone else. Everyone's perception of things and way of doing things is different. You may not understand someone or approve of their actions but that's not a reason to go out of your way to be disrespectful toward them unprovoked.

I believe in Buddhism/it is my faith but I often stray from the teachings of Buddha. My faith allows me to greet you all with love. I do have opinions on people but 10/10 those opinions are based on what they have done toward me or toward people I adore. I wish no one ill will but I do hold contempt with those that harm others.

I am by fault over accommodating and this may lead me to taking on more than I can. PLEASE be patient with me. I will communicate if I have issues. If things turn to drama I will block you for my own well being/mental health.

Now that my ted talk is over....let's jump into my rules!

☆૮꒰•༝ •。꒱ა

1. No Minors (18+ U.S standard)

2. Keep things NSFW to private

3. Don't spam me/it causes me to lose motivation to reply

4. No Furries (not to be confused with Kemonomimi species)

5. If I tell you my issues/ please address them/I will do the same for you

6. Communicate/I'm not a mind reader

7. No drama (you can vent/rant/ but do not attempt to have me take sides in your issues. My opinion of someone will be formed on logical observations)

8. No bullying

9. No shaming (of any kind)

10. No one-liners (no offense)

11. No RL face claim accounts

。゚•┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈୨♡୧┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈• 。゚

I have premade plots/characters/OCs/ you may choose from. If you choose to use my ocs/characters this section will explain them in better detail:

OCs - These are characters/face claims I have taken time to make a backstory to. Nothing about them will be changed.

Characters - These are simple character/face claims with basic stats to make it easier for them to fit into stories. Nothing about them will be changed.

。゚•┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈୨♡୧┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈• 。゚
⚠ If you are removed by me for inactivity you are free to send me another request. If you are removed because you have made me uncomfortable or crossed any of my rules after being warned you may NOT send me another friend request. Any attempt to keep in contact with me with alt profiles will lead to you being exposed in my group. ⚠

**If you have any questions or concerns about my rules please do feel free to approach me with them.**

૮₍´。 ᵔ ꈊ ᵔ。 '₎ა
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♡ ⋆。Aoi (Character)


Age: 354

Height 5"4'

Weight: 80lbs

Personality: Distant, Cold, Caring, Tsundere


Brat type:■■□□□34%


Meekness: ■□□□□19%

Assertiveness: ■■□□□40%
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♡ ⋆。Kana (Character)


Age: 204

Height 5"5'

Weight: 90lbs

Personality: Sweet, Shy, Timid, Soft-Spoken


Brat type:■□□□□19%


Meekness: ■□□□□34%

Assertiveness: ■■□□□40%
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♡ ⋆。Nana (Character)


Age: 1,793

Height 5"5'

Weight: 95bs

Personality: Sweet, Caring, Honest, Stern, Bold


Brat type:■■□□□34%


Meekness: ■□□□□19%

Assertiveness: ■■□□□30%
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