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Q. Hello?
A. Hey, I'm so sorry for not responding sooner
 Sep 21st 2017 17:26

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The links worked. I figured that was him lol
Jun 25th 2020 09:53

Which of your pictures is of Invel again? I tried to go back to see but it was your profile pic at the time and only a few look familiar. lol Sh*tty memory.
Jun 25th 2020 08:37

would you like to rp?
Jun 5th 2018 20:16

Hi there how are you :)
Sep 7th 2017 21:17

I love killing stalking too! XD (Please note I'm a very sad individual)
Feb 3rd 2017 23:56

Alright thank you ^^
Feb 2nd 2017 19:36

Hi, didn't wanna clog up rp so putting message here. Continue please? Sorry that I'm being persistent a little early on, I did see on your profile that you don't get message notifications immediately and that you would prefer if you only got a message about inactivity a few days down the line. But I just like our rp and haven't had much chance to rp my two OCs together, also I do like the rp we have started. So if it helps I'll let you know that most days I reply nearly immediately. Usually on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays theres a time gap when I'm in college though other than that I do reply ASAP. Again sorry for seeming impatient.
Feb 2nd 2017 19:30

Awesome. I didn't want him to be too shy all the time
Dec 24th 2016 04:22

I hope it was okay lol
Dec 24th 2016 04:16

I gotta say ren kinda got bold a bit in the so lol. Things are definitely interesting though. Haha
Dec 24th 2016 04:05