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(Sarah Theneko)
21 / Female / In a Relationship
My mommy ish @SugarChild
My sissi @MsChubbyfox
my dear cousins @karen , @alexisdawn and @brandonclark

My dear daughter @MidnightKitsune Is the best and my reason to live! Hurt her and ill stab you!
My daughter-in-law @TubbyGardevoir. She is really nice! I love her and I will protect her like my own daughter! :)

My master and only owner @czarnobiay

By the way I owned these little kitties @Doughy, @SnowyNeko and @LilBlue ^^

hi everybody if you want to ask me to roleplay don't be shy im here.
If you want to do something but your to shy to ask others im here too.
Ill do all for that we can enjoy the roleplay you want.
I really like to try to roleplay what people want so i can get experience in my future roleplays. Recently i discoverd myself a bit more....I like vore =3
I found that website theres not so much and i'm new to roleplay.
hoep we become good friends and we do a great roleplay ^^
((I know I have a lot of friends but I don't want to erase 300 or more because I don't talk to people or about 1,2, or 3 months what a shame to be lazy..... :P

here is a little something for a friend! Please go look at her group! ^^

By the way everyone @czarnobiay is the best and also my best friend forever ^^

Her-Lust-Her-Desire Is mine forever and also the best with Czar! My love is the most precious thing I have and....*Whispers* I love when we cuddle my sweet little psycho!~

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Dark_Sin asked the question
Q. Guessing you have a writers block? XD
A. Yes I do have... XC
 Jun 3rd 2016 09:26

Nick204 asked the question
Q. Hello! Would you like to rp?
A. Sure what kind ^^
 Apr 20th 2016 18:10

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Mom. Stop ignoring me.
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Hello, are we still rping?
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We still roleplaying?
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