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(Meridian Travis)
26 / Female / Single and Looking
Wisconsin - United States

Muses are multiship as I do romance. So no, if my character is in a relationship with yours in an individual RP, that does not mean I won't use them in another roleplay with romance. I do respect if a character you use is off the table and not multiship, so please respect the fact that I am multiship and will not keep my OC exclusive to your character unless we work something out prior to the roleplay and you ask me politely.

Edit: Some muses may have been determined to be single ship, so their status will be displayed here!

Tana: currently available
Neva: currently available
Savannah: currently available
Findabhair: currently available
Nimira: currently available
Thalassa: currently available
Sanura: currently available
Ellowyn: currently available
Antanasia: currently available
Morana: not available to rp with
Corey: currently available
Nadira: currently taken by @blue_jay

If interested in roleplaying outside of this website, my email is [email protected] and my Skype is poseidonsxdaughter!

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//Thank you so much for sending me a friend request! I hope we can rp soon!
Jan 17th 2019 14:58

I didn't receive the new borders.
May 29th 2018 23:16

Weird. I don't think I'll see him returning or who knows
Aug 1st 2016 22:21

Did you know what happened to @professor?he disappeared without a trace
Aug 1st 2016 21:59