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(Clark Kent)
33 / Male / Single
Metropolis, New York - United States

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// What could have been if the DCEU wasn't screwed up!

Art by daysoframpage -
1  Nov 8th 2020 18:07

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Nth_Grl asked the question
Q. Of course. Take your time!
A. // Thanks!
 Jul 25th 2020 01:13

Q. Do you know any dc marvel rpers who might be intrested in a group rp?
A. // Hummm, not really. I haven't been involved in any group role-plays here. However, maybe you can ask? Just do a search using DC and/or Marvel in the verse section, and maybe message a few?
 May 18th 2020 13:01

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Hey, Supes. Would adore a RP!
Jul 24th 2020 05:56

[Metropolis. The home of Clark Kent.]

Flash of lighting outside Clark's window revealed something dark and hulking sitting on his balcony. White eyes. No mouth.

"We need to talk. You had an incident the other night. Appeared to have temporarily lost control."
Jul 10th 2020 10:51

"Thanks for the add loser"
Jul 2nd 2020 00:39

Her eyes doubled in size, her feet taking a step back. "Ah--Ah don't know who dat is! But he sounds like a terrible person!"
Apr 21st 2020 08:51

Rubbing her sides slowly, she began to lift herself up from the concrete with a groan and turned her blue eyes to face him. Her lips furling."Pft, Bats! Don't even mention his name tah me! Ah tried tah go straight before, but him an' the rest of tha a**holes of Gotham just wouldn't let me! What's it tah you? I'm sure you got beddah things to do than worry about some nutso like me!"
Apr 20th 2020 14:04

"Weeeell, Ah did share a peanut with this really nice old lady tha othah day, but turns out it was rotten. ...Then read in the paper she died." She looked at him from off to the side, followed by a soft bite on her lower lip. Staring at him in silence for a few moments, she took a step away: "You'll NEVAH take me alive, Supes, NEVAH!" She then began to flee from him, but tripped on an aluminum can someone had tossed and fell.
Apr 20th 2020 10:26

"Look what tha cat dragged in! If it ain't mistah red an' blue! Well!" (Thanks for the add! Hope you're having a good day. Let's become good friends! Look forward to plotting with you.)
Apr 19th 2020 09:46

“Clark, how are you my friend?”
Mar 29th 2020 19:28

Thanks for the add man
Mar 1st 2020 21:30

I like Damian! And sometimes I think he doesn't hate me.
Feb 29th 2020 13:35