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(Roe - Good to be Bad)
36 / Male / Single
Arizona - United States
Discord- RampantSkillz#8915

Brought up in a family of the utmost highest stature. Taught to be a gentleman. Educated in the world. But all he ever wanted was to rule the world of the gentlemen. Betrayed by his brother, he was forced to leave his home. Though, he never called it a home. More like a prison. Rejected by his family, Robert was forced to take to the streets. But with him he brought all of those lovely skills his father had paid for him to learn. Even some that he...picked up naturally.

Living out in the world can be a hard place for some. But for those with the right know how, it's paradise. Such is his world. A world of adventure. A world of espionage. A world of playful glee.

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Q. Hope all's well, is something amiss in our play?
A. Sorry about that hun. Not on every day unfortuneately. Weekends are usually pretty busy for me.
 Dec 8th 2014 08:27

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Thank you for the request, dear ♥
Nov 30th 2016 05:20