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Yes it's been that long, I guess i should reply.
Mar 7th 2020 16:19

Well, Lately I've been pretty depressed but i'm starting to get better thank you for asking my friend but i really am sorry for leaving are roleplay dead for 3 months..
Mar 7th 2020 12:02

Hey I'm so sorry!!!!! last time we were roleplay i forgot to reply to you anyway Hru you??
Mar 5th 2020 16:58

Hey girl. I been on little busy side today. I am celebration my birthday today.
Feb 20th 2020 15:44

I just want to thank you so much for rping with me. Two day ago I lost my uncle pass away and her wife is nursing home due to stroke. You take my mind off it. I just want say I truly appreciate you rp with you. It take my mind off that. Take care.
Oct 20th 2019 19:13

Thanks for your patience with me. I went through a bunch people have been disappearing on me when I am working in rl and other mess up stuff I am dealing with. Thank for sticking with me. You are truly sweetie for doing that.
Jun 11th 2019 12:51

I never to anyone. But I think you are wonderful. You do such wonderful job with Loki. I know he is not good guy. I don't expect him to be. I like how story progress nobody has willing to explore but you do. Thank you. I hope you have wonderful day.
Mar 4th 2019 14:44

Apr 15th 2018 18:23