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25 / Female / Engaged
Scotland - United Kingdom
10+ years of experience!

**Multi character account**
Check out my male and female characters in my Blog

**I do FxM FxF MxM**

**If you add, you message first, vice versa**

**Rules and things you need to know are in my blog**

**If you’d prefer to write on Discord, please let me know :) **

@Uprising is a darling and a fantastic writer. You'll love him <3

Latest Status

Thank you loves for being patient with me <3

I’m back and ready to write more ^w^
1  24 hours ago

Latest Questions

Q. Is everything alright?
A. Hello! Sorry! I’ve been super busy these past few days with spring break finishing here. I’ve got to do the school run, but I’ll reply in a little bit once I’m back from dropping my kid off.
 Apr 18th 2022 21:17

Q. I can be all yours today if you'll have me;)
A. Oh aye :)
 Apr 16th 2022 09:39

Latest Comments

Do you need help with ideas for our rp
Apr 27th 2022 13:04

Happy Easter!!!!
Apr 17th 2022 10:59

Mine are working now I understand that everyone will probably be busy tomorrow you take all the time ya need
Apr 16th 2022 13:34

Are you having a problem messenging people because I am idk if the site is messed up for a moment or not
Apr 16th 2022 10:21

I might be having a better day than you darling. Hope you get to feeling better soon. I hate that you don't feel better yet.
Mar 9th 2022 19:44

Missing you oodles
Mar 8th 2022 13:43

Aww, that's pretty cute. Thank you so much! I'll send a reply tonight <3
Mar 5th 2022 12:46

Wouldn't have it any other way darling ;p
Mar 5th 2022 04:59

Always my love. Always
Feb 28th 2022 01:16

Happy Valentines Day Vikki
Feb 14th 2022 14:01