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(Ehren Francis)
24 / Male / Engaged
Tennessee - United States
If you add me I'll go ahead and be a gentleman and speak the first words! :) a huge pet peeve of mine is when you add me and not say a word. Dont be that person.

I will give you a slight nudge after 2 days And it will turn into a 24 hour warning if you don’t give me any notice, Unless if I enjoy our RP, you get a free pass. You give me a notice take as much time as you need but I will check up on you from time to time. I don’t collect friends. FEMALE ONLY

Best friends:

@ThankKilt she means alot to me.

I roleplay anythingTo videogames, slice of life to apocalypse scenarios. ||sfw to sfw. Skys the limit!!

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Apr 20th 2023 08:17

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Feb 10th 2023 14:37

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Dec 22nd 2022 06:44

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Oct 17th 2022 06:11

<3 <3 <3
Sep 30th 2022 15:50