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(Nyx Henley)
28 / Female / Single
Under, Your bed - United States
"She would let her soul hide while her body was consumed with magic, fire, and boiling blood."

"Crazy and a little misunderstood,"

"My parents were a creature maker!"

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Latest Questions

Shades asked the question
Q. Hey what's up, girl? You not talking? hahaha
A. Sorry love, I hopped ona second and had to go run somewhere lol
 Jun 17th 2023 12:08

Shades asked the question
Q. You know I hate when you leave, right?
A. Lol I'm sorry
Sleep is just taking over, you'll see me soon enough
 Jun 10th 2023 04:52

Latest Comments

Like that new background baby, looks good on you. In fact, anything looks good on you.
Jun 19th 2023 02:43

She shows me she's down. She never runs, she never hides, she gives it straight. Mad respect for shawty.

My ride or die, for real.
May 15th 2023 14:44

Someone to impress, huh? You don't need to impress anyone, ma.
May 12th 2023 03:44