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ParadiseLostOC's Blog

Sariel, The sinner's guardian

Name: Sariel, Sari, The annoying one
Age: ???
Occupation: Guiding sinner's soul to purgatory

Sariel is an angel in charge of guiding human souls whose sins don't weigth more than their hearts. She guides them to purgatory, a big mountain who they have to climb in order to cleanse their soul. She is very friendly and cheerful, almost childish sometimes. Despite her young appearence she is quite older than most of the basic angels out there.

She is Raphael and Michael's oldest friend.
She has a crush on Raphael, who she often visits on the human world whenever she has the time.
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Michael, Commander of the Heavenly Host

Name: Michael, Commander Michael, Flaming spear of God, The slayer of Dragons

Age: ???

Occupation: Leader of God's armies

Being born from the golden tree of celestial life, Michael began his life as an angel of the most basic kind. However, his strength and skills for one on one combat granted him the chance to prove himself to Othniel, the leader of the Powers. The Powers were the elite soldiers of the heavenly host, they wielded flaming sword and spears, silver armours and were strong enough to face the most powerful demons. Michael sparred with him and proved him that he was more than capable of being a strong soldier. He got ascended to a higher class of angel, something that never happened before.

When Lucifer made his rebellion, Michael quickly gathered the troops and managed to outmatch the traitor's army. They fought for uncountable days and nights, but in the end, he prevailed chopping Lucifer's wings off and sending him crashing down to the underworld.

Michael is ready to fight for the sake and honour of God. His main allegiance is with heaven, not so much with humanity.
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Paradise Lost Lore: Morningstar Group

While demons rule in hell, they have little to no real control on earth. They've came up with a solution to their problem, they created phantom enterprise in order to gain power and control from humans. The Morningstar Group is a conglomerate of enterprises and companies that cover different desires and needs for the deadly sins.

They make weapons of war, manage banks, produce processed food, control some forms of media, finance constructions, produce pornography, etc

What ever makes the deadly sins happy and powerful, the Morningstar Group is behind. They also have a facade of being a generous and philantropic group, donating money for the poor and undergoing vaccination campaings, while at the same time designing and building ballistic missiles.
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Leviathan, Envy of the Seven Deadly Sins

Name: Leviathan, Demon Prince of Envy; The Great Leviathan, 'Levi' by his brother Mammon

Age: Unknown

Leviathan is the demon of envy and it's in charge of making humans desire material and sentimental things over their fellows. He is the one that planted the seed of evil in Cain before he killed his brother Abel. Leviathan's true form is a giant sea serpent with multiple mouths capable of swalowing multiple ships at once. His flesh form is a tall, slim man with aquamarine hair.

Leviathan rarely leaves hell and if he does he does so in his true form, travelling around the globe in the deepest parts of the ocean. He has destroyed multiple vessels , submarines and even caused tsunamis. If he even goes to land, usually he does by coming out of the ocean. He loathes humans for their ability to cooperate with each other. Deep inside he hates his brothers too.
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Mammon, Greed of the Seven Deadly Sins

Name: Mammon, Demon Prince of Greed

Age: Unknown

Mammon is the demon of greed. He is in charge of corrupting humans into pileing and accumulating wealth for completely selfless and evil purpouses. He is the one that drove Judas Iscariot into accepting the 30 silver pieces from the romans and betraying Jesus. His flesh form looks like a young human male who gives himself into excesses and luxury. His true form resembles a golden idol with horns and red ruby eyes.

He acts like a bratty young teen, always playing pranks and annoying his fellow brothers. He likes to annoy Asmodeus the most.
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