Michael, Commander of the Heavenly Host

Name: Michael, Commander Michael, Flaming spear of God, The slayer of Dragons

Age: ???

Occupation: Leader of God's armies

Being born from the golden tree of celestial life, Michael began his life as an angel of the most basic kind. However, his strength and skills for one on one combat granted him the chance to prove himself to Othniel, the leader of the Powers. The Powers were the elite soldiers of the heavenly host, they wielded flaming sword and spears, silver armours and were strong enough to face the most powerful demons. Michael sparred with him and proved him that he was more than capable of being a strong soldier. He got ascended to a higher class of angel, something that never happened before.

When Lucifer made his rebellion, Michael quickly gathered the troops and managed to outmatch the traitor's army. They fought for uncountable days and nights, but in the end, he prevailed chopping Lucifer's wings off and sending him crashing down to the underworld.

Michael is ready to fight for the sake and honour of God. His main allegiance is with heaven, not so much with humanity.
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