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(Ruby Stark)
115 / Female / Single
Gotham, New York - United States
Thank you so much for viewing my profile! Before we get to the fun stuff, it's come to my attention that I need to lay down a few ground rules.

I. Please contribute to the rp. This means producing responses that average more then one line. I don't expect a novel for every response, and there is a time and place that does require an occasional one line response. However, that time is exceptionally rare. I would prefer you respond with at least two to three lines minimum. I put a great deal of time and effort into crafting my responses, and request you match that effort. I will give you a warning if I am growing concerned about the length of your responses. Once again, I don't want to police it. I won't warn you after a single one line response, but I will when it becomes a consistent issue.
II. I am not a friend collector. I will add you or accept your request. If you haven't messaged me within 48-42 hours and I've seen you online, I will warn you and then promptly unfriend you. My intention here is to have long term, creative, and detailed rps. I cannot do that if the other person isn't responding.
III. If you have an issue with the rp, please let me know. I'm happy to work with you to fix whatever the issue is. Don't simply unfriend/block me without giving me a reason. I provide you with the same courtesy, and ask that it is reciprocated.
IV. If you're busy, simply say so. I totally understand real life will always come before a website. That being said, I am not your therapist. I will not under any circumstances be talking to you about your problems extensively. If I did, I would charge for that. Period. I know it sounds harsh, and briefly mentioning that stuff has been hard recently is perfectly acceptable. Talking about it at great length is exhausting for me, and emotionally draining. I will not be doing that sh*t for free over the internet.
V. All that being said, just communicate with me. I'm happy to work with you through the rp. I'm simply tired of pouring so much of my time and creativity into developing an rp for someone to unfriend me or stop talking for months at a time after a few responses if I'm lucky.

Now that that's scared off most, please tell me your favorite television show or movie when you message me so I know you've read my rules. Also, feel free to bring up any concerns you may have about them. I'm flexible in most circumstances.