DC Character (Luna Sirena Waters)

Name: Luna Sirena Waters
Age: 18 (Same as Nightwing)
Appearance: Below
Species: WItch
Family: Mother, Father (Both Deceased)
Powers: Telekenesis, Aligist, Mind Control, and Ability to Communicate with the Dead (Some Powers May Come Later, Since they're still developing)
Source of Power: Descended from Salem Witches, Runs in her Family
Bio: She was in the same circus Nightwing was a child. The circus had taken her in since her parents were close friends with many of the performers. Whenever the circus was nearby, the family would come to see the show and brought gifts. Unfortunately, a gang (the same that had killed most of the Grayson family) had demanded protection money from the shop years before they had killed the Graysons. Her parents refused and turned them away. Though, that night the gang came back. They burned the shop to the ground and tortured and killed her parents right in front of her. She testified against the men in court, and the gang threatened to kill her, so she was put into the witness protection program. The circus took her in and raised her. She and Richard were best friends since they were practically toddlers, and Richard had been excited that she would be joining them in the circus.

After his family was killed, Wayne took Richard in. He refused to leave his best friend, who had to flee the circus too because they feared the gang had seen her. She was put into the foster system. Though, she was more often staying at the Wayne household with Richard and Bruce. Like Richard, she became a vigilante, somewhat under Batman. She and D*ck work together often and know each other better than anyone else in the world.
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