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(Nevaeh Jones)
20 / Female / In a Relationship
Seattle, Washington - United States
Welcome my plots are the only plots I will play so please don’t ask me to play another plot, don’t add me and ask if I read over your profile because if you read my profile then you’d know I’m submissive and don’t do other plots other than my own, if you don’t like that I am sub and only do my plots just ignore me and move along, bad experiences with people like that, a lot of stalkers too. Anyways please enjoy our roleplays I aim to please and will send gifs during roleplay, purely n.s.f.w

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Be careful around @XyZz he likes to bring in personal info a little too much and when you let him know he’s making you uncomfortable he calls you a b**** so ladies and or men be weary of him
Mood: disgusted
3  Feb 13th 2024 17:37

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