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(Male And also female )
19 / Other / Single
United Kingdom
I have had an account before, but I lost the password and was unable to sign in, I work a job that requires me to work from anywhere between 5 hours to 12 hours, so if I don’t reply it’s not because I’m being rude but being busy.

I role play as both male or female.

I’m not the best with English (even though it’s my first language) so bear with me, I try to spell things as best as I can (also if I misspell anything feel free to correct me, it won’t offend me)

I would love to role play and have fun.

Latest Status

I’m back and ready to role play, sorry for the delay
Mood: creative
0  Oct 13th 2020 00:47

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Yes sorry just been really busy!
May 9th 2020 19:11

Yes! Sorry been super busy
May 4th 2020 10:40

Miss u
May 1st 2020 05:16

Message me back.
Mar 1st 2020 11:22

Dec 5th 2019 22:06

Oct 11th 2019 16:01

Jul 23rd 2019 12:08