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(景 元)
118 / Male / Its Complicated
Xianzhou, Luofu - China
— 17th of May

«I was once a General who dominated the battlefield, now I dominate you.» (⁠◠⁠‿⁠・⁠)⁠—⁠☆

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When he gets a moment, he goes to mention Blade's matter to Zhongli and his wish to join a future exploration team, making sure to communicate the response to Yingxing, when ready.

At the same time, as promised, Lani sends the names of the people with Decay element that he came across in Lianxi so far, but there isn't a long list and, most importantly, Lani is totally unaware of Verfall's presence and doesn't have his DNA.
Mood: optimistic
1  Mar 30th 2024 16:52

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I hope so, Jing Yuan...but still no luck.
Sep 7th 2023 15:25