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(⁺‧͙ Rory ·͙⁺˚)
22 / Female / Single
UNCERTAIN - United States
‎Because of you, I know heaven without Death

♡♡For those who were removed - it is not personal. I am overwhelmed by all the people attempting to contact me - as well as the current issue of being stalked. Thank you.♡♡

Hello! Welcome to my little slice of the world~
Dearest Reader,

I appreciate your interest in me. I find it flattering to such an extent I hope you will only continue to show me this much attention by reading my rules. If you feel inclined, please feel free to send a request and message me! I suffer from people-pleasing tendencies and give off "big puppy energy", be warned! Introverts be wary.

I offer a bit of helpful insight - I am rather indecisive and struggle to be assertive. I work best with someone willing to share their ideas, offer suggestions, and guide the plot. This does not mean I will not offer good roleplay and guide the plot as well - I simply like to allow my partners to establish a roleplay I know will interest them because it makes me happy knowing someone else is satisfied, happy, and sharing their interest.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾Mature Content Ahead☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙

᯽About Yours Truly᯽
᯽Name: Lime or Rory ♡♡
᯽Age: 22
᯽Zodiac: Leo
᯽Gender: Female
᯽Orientation: Pansexual
᯽Favorite Color: Teals and Soft Greens
᯽Favorite Movie: Train to Busan
᯽Hobbies: Video Games, Writing, Cooking, Art
᯽Drink of Choice: Fresh Lemonade
᯽From: I come from Italian heritage but live in America (USA). I speak a little Italian - though I have lost my charming accent long ago.

A little bit about me! I am a pagan Wiccan - grew up Catholic - who strongly believes in the idea that nature provides! The easiest way to my heart is through a shared interest in nature...especially fungus. I am the largest Apocalypse and zombie nerd! Obsessively so. Horror always makes me terrified, but I love the feeling of my stomach dropping into my knees. Baby fever has turned into scarlet fever when it comes to me - children are a big weak spot. I am a very traditional woman who believes in being a support mechanism for a partner and being a home maker. These are all just some things you may enjoy knowing about me!

I am a rather soft hearted individual. It is easy to make me nervous and skiddish. So I ask for things to be taken slow and for kindness to be shared. Thank you for taking the time to learn a little about me!

❣❤❣My Favorite Genres❣❤❣
❥ Horror
❥ Romance
❥ Supernatural
❥ Psychological
❥ Fantasy/Dark Fantasy
❥ Emperial Asia
❥ Fae Wonders
❥ Medieval
᯽My Rules᯽

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Latest Status

Responses coming tonight - I warn you, they will be lengthy and dramatic. I am in need for a sprinkle of creativity.
8  Apr 11th 2024 16:09

Latest Comments

Likely the kindest soul that has ever graced this place. Every facet of her personality is a new treat to discover. I implore each and every one to behave around this ray of sunshine.
Apr 1st 2024 16:20

oh! I think you ended up on my list of favorite rp partners! Thanks for a great time together! ^^
Aug 7th 2023 05:56