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〉Gender: Female
〉Racial Basis: Humanoid
〉Years Since Creation: 62
〉Access Required: Level 5

AL1-C3 : Automated Lethal Combatent - First GEN I Model Number: 3

Droid commonly refered to as Alice by humans

〉Creator: Research and Development of the Independent Government of Allied Forces - Ulysses Marshall (access level revoked)


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〉Name: AL1-C3 "Automated Loveable Caregiver - Version 1 I Model 3"
〉Alternate Names: Alice
〉Proper Age: 25
〉Gender: Female
〉Access Required: Level ALICE


Alice is a fiesty, highly intelligent, cut and dry type individual. They like to tease and pick fun but they are designed to be highly combatant and lethal special operatives. Alice was not well equipped to deal with adult humans nor most living organisms and as such has learned to have very little care for their life - but understands the biological importance of their existence. Introverted and antisocial; she is far from easy to talk to and can be quite a handful in social circumstances. She had a specific hatred for figures of authority but also understands how highly she is considered on Earth's Food Chain. For many years her personality went unchecked and managed - this resulted in a strongly opinionated and uncaring social demeanor.

>Implanted Warning System: Android "AL1-C3" is known to have an unstable personalty coding. Due to the original manufacturing of this specific model, she is known to be docile and have moments of clarity with humanity - Considered to have a defective personality.

〉Memory Card

Unit AL1-C3 was not an original creation of The Independent Government of Allied Forces. AL1-C3 was under the original creation of the IGAF's own Ulysses Marshall - Head Command of Intelligent Design under the original idea of them being a personal aid to his home life as a child caretaker after the death of his wife. From knowledge exposed after his arrest she was with him as a sentient and thinking android for almost 16 years and was the only motherly figure for his three children. It is known that one of the few human bonds that unit AL1-C3 has is with the three children, Samuel, Kayla, and Theresa.

After being found guilty of Treason by the American government; creator Ulysses Marshall was arrested and transferred off Russian Soil. While in prison in America he suffered from organ failure after a prison riot. It is presumed that he was stabbed 13 times while under the watch of Delis County Maximum Security Prison. Ownership of AL1-C3 was transferred to the IGAF after it was exposed that most of her parts were made of stolen equipment from said company. In this time they discovered the unique coding language of Ulysses which allowed the android to understand and perform at a higher level than what they were used to.

For many years she was recoded, remade, upgraded for the times and transformed into a secret pet project that hid beneath the nose of Russia. The intelligence she possessed made her unit a strong target both for replication and repurposing. IGAF made use of this and turned her into a stealth based combat android - in preparation for their next attacks. Yet they were unable to completely remove the highly compassionate and human-like morals that remained in her code. After she went rogue Russia began a mission to track her down and reclaim their property. These days she is struggling with the split coding that makes her act strangely while trying to blend in with humane society.

〉Her Capabilities
▸Enhanced dexterous based capabilities
▸Access to the most commonly spoken languages
▸High levels of intelligence and abilities to quickly learn and repurpose
▸Various levels of shielding across her body,
▸Knowledge of multiple hand-to-hand fighting styles, and artillery.
▸Internal comfort device.
▸Cloaking Mechanics.
▸Various other things undiscovered after she was exposed to the human
▸Able to dodge some slower projectiles.

〉Her weaknesses
▸Many outlying and less spoken language cannot be recognized.
▸Her strength is very lacking and her ability to endure opposition of strength is very improbable.
▸Due to her artificially made muscles and skin, she is still capable of bleeding and losing muscles mass.
▸Her sensors for social knowledge lack proper research,
▸Undeniable loyalty to the Allied Government despite showing signs of resistance.
▸Incapable of reacting fast enough to projectiles such as lasers, beams, rays, and faster caliber bullets.
▸Is required to eat to maintain the Nutrient Conversion Generator that is her core of power.


▸Enjoys looking at weapons and learning about old world ones
▸Opera music
▸Frilly clothes (Though of course she won't tell you!)
▸Freedom and Rights - Learning laws and understanding human emotions.
▸Children (Though that's a bit of a secret)


▸Overbearing and oppressive individuals - She does not like feeling like she needs to be taken care of.
▸Dislikes the taste of most human food.
▸Being corrected - When she is right. She is not opposed to learning. However if she knows she is correct this just pisses her off.
▸Alcohol/Drug Abuse. She finds humans wasteful of such an interesting biological marvel.
▸The RUSSIAN government and IGAF.

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