Princess Aurora Whitlock

‿︵‿︵୨˚̣̣̣͙୧ -Aurora Whitlock- ୨˚̣̣̣͙୧‿︵‿︵

❧Name: Aurora Whitlock☙
❧Gender: Female☙
❧Age: 24 Years☙
❧Birthday: December 13th☙
❧Zodiac: Saggitarius☙
❧Race: Humanoid☙
❧Ethnicity: White☙


❧Height: 5'4
❧Weight: 130lbs
❧Eye Color: Emerald Green
❧Hair Description: Ginger - Very wavy style - Length reaches mid/lower back
❧Body Type: Diamond Mesomorph
❧Birthmarks: Multiple freckles across face, shoulders, chest, and legs
❧Description: Very dainty and frail in body. Short stature, but proportional body ratios. Very fair skin covered in multiple pale brown freckles across many parts of her body. Her eyes are an almond shape. Her hair is rather thick and hard to keep maintained - often leading it to be dressed up in braids or up-dos.



✶All forms of literature, including poetry
✶Botany and Horticulture
✶Small animals - harmless animals - Horses
✶More assertive individuals to guide and offer a more extroverted contrast
✶Fresh tea and sweets

✶Silence or tension/stiffness of an atmosphere
✶The concept of "witchcraft"
✶Lack of person time. She needs a few hours out of her day to relax, read, and be away from people.
✶Open bodies of water
✶Deadpan humor
✶Cold foods

❧Positive Traits:
✶Compassionate and Empathetic
✶Well Mannered
✶Imaginative and Creative

❧Negative Traits:
✶Reliant on others approval
✶Timid and easily scared
✶Frail minded - easy to coerce and manipulate

✶All open bodies of water; ponds, lakes, oceans, seas, ect.
✶The concept of death, graveyards, morbid and dark ideas of afterlife
✶Confrontation - bold claims
✶Competition/Being replaced

✶Bending and folding pages of a book
✶Tapping on a table or cups


Aurora, overall, is what one might consider when they think about a young woman who was raised sheltered and isolated. Despite her exposure to some harsh realities; Aurora is still soft hearted and frail minded. She relies and depends on others for affirmation. Receiving affirmation is one of the few ways she can assure her own self image and confirm she is a good person in her own mind. While all these things stack to make a very manipulable person, she is still a compassionate and caring young girl. Beyond the reality of the worlds she lives in is one she made in her own mind - one of creativity and craving knowledge. Years of reading books has led her to be intelligent, physically and emotionally mature in some ways.


Short Version: An ill princess raised into the iron grip of a royal bloodline that was too constricting to her. Her idle mind explored magic and the dark arts which only lead to rumors and deeper callings to the black magics. She struggles to control the need to continue learning about magic and its unsavory counterparts.

Aurora Whitlock was born to a royal bloodline - second eldest to a great lineage. Her mother was not of royalty and was instead a consort to her father, a King. During birth, Aurora's mother would experience a great deal of pain - unbeknownst to them, Aurora had received less than proper care whilst in the womb. The lack of care led to her being a rather frail and weak newborn. This only escalated when the trauma of being ripped from her mother as an infant was embedded into her body. Even a proper upbringing could not counter the multiple months of being malnourished during development.

Her frailty caused worry among the royal house, much so among her father and the court. The decision to keep her sheltered came with good intentions. Much of her life was raised in doors and away from the prying eyes of the public and even the highest of society. Still, she was raised to be a functioning member of the Royal house and was meant to take on the role as princess when she became 21 years of age.

However, during her most vulnerable years as a teenager, her adventurous and curious mind would delve into more unsavory things. Her intelligent little soul could not be satiated by simple books and peasants' knowledge. Instead, she sought out the knowledge of what she thought to be magicians' lessons. This was not the case however. The secrets of the high magicians within the Royal line led her to the truth behind the knowledge of what can only be considered witchcraft. She showed devotion to the arts - beyond what any young lady should. The lessons went beyond simple potions and herbs. It began to lead into necromancy.

When her father discovered the truth, he only further tightened his ironclad grasp on her and became far more overbearing of his child. No longer was she given liberties and even her reading began to become monitored. A vice grip was on Aurora, which began to slowly push her farther into the submissive and timid headspace she now resides in. It was too late however - her interest in the arts of magic and dark practices had not only gotten out to the public, but started to rouse something within her.

To this day, she struggles to qualm this otherworldly curiosity that guides her to seek out the dark and dangers of the world around her. Though, not all her practices led to the depths of darkness. Many of the things she learned have allowed her to practice a small fraction of the arcane and led her to learn botany, potion making, and healing arts that prove beneficial. As her interests grew more deep and more overtaking, sudden changes and fears began to arise in her. The idea of open water seemed to cause her unsettling feelings - eventually leading her to stay away from open waters. Her body and mind continue to be altered by whatever dark grasp is clamping down around the once innocent soul.
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