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24 / Female / Married
South Australia - Australia
Literate || Picky Adder || OC per plot
Strictly NO N*FW (of an explicit intimate nature) or f*tish content
Otherwise, Mature themes welcome.

G'day, my names Devine,

I write a variety of genres and time periods, and am open to doing detailed research on locations and time periods to accurately write a story with you that appropriately fits the scene - I like stories with flesh and lore behind them, and dont like to engage with short-thought or overdone plots often.
My only note is that all of my stories contain romance in some nature (Though it doesn't need to be the primary focus), and at present I'm only looking for MxF pairing plotlines. (Good news is you're welcome to let me know what your prefer RPing, I write as both M and F characters happily)

I'm in the process of updating my rules document, and my plot ideas document, so please feel free to reach out and ask questions in the meantime. The links as they currently stand are below:




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