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23 / Female / In Love
stalker much? - United States
"And the sweet little angel couldn't keep her eyes off the devil."


Welcome to my profile! I'd most appreciate it if you'd read my rules and comply, and complete reading this bio. - you'll probably need it

Not new to roleplaying! I have been writing for about 10-13 years now. I enjoy roleplaying and I will roleplay mostly everything, unless I'm uncomfortable with it or I don't feel like it.

I do enjoy roleplaying mature content. I will not be accepting minors. So please, MDNI.

I mostly roleplay as a female. You can find some oc's on my blog, and I make some as well.

Rules (Please read, otherwise I'm going to unfriend you):

I do NOT have discord, so please don't ask for it, if you do, I'll know you probably haven't read this.

But want to stalk me some more? Here:


Not a friend collector.

Please understand that I do have a life outside this website and that I cannot constantly be replying to you, so please don't spam me unless it has been at least a week. If you keep spamming me, I'm going to let you know and remove you.

That being said, thank you for checking out my profile. I hope you add me, I promise I don't bite ;) I hope we get to make some great stories together <3

Sending all of you lots and lots of love~
Have a great day/night <3

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cuddles asked the question
Q. Hello, love. We can write more together if you'd like.
A. I would love too! Want to start a new rp?
 Oct 12th 2023 17:37

Q. Sure
A. Okay then <3
 Jul 7th 2023 16:14

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I enjoy our story so much! Can't wait to see where it goes!! <3
Jul 5th 2023 13:43

Jun 27th 2023 20:22

Same with you!
Jun 27th 2023 01:08