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(Rain Reed (Hughes))
29 / Female / Single
Missouri - United States
♧Name: Rain Claire Reed (Hughes)
♧Nicknames/Aliases/Titles: Rainie, Little One, Your Grace, Lady Rain, Mistress Rain,Duchess of Arede, Duchess Rain,
♧Birthday: December 28th (White Frost Moon )
♧Age: 23 (can be changed)
♧Gender: Female
Sexuality: Hetero- Demisexual
♧Relationship Status: Single (Canon beginning stance)


♧Skin Tone: Fair
♧Hair Color: Black
♧Eye Color: Blue with a hint of grey
♧Clothes: Adventuring attire such as black pants green tunic shirt, and a cloak. Royal/Noble wear are dresses in mostly green.
Shoes in adventuring are boots, royal shoes are flats.
Accessories: Crescent Moon hair pin, Duchess circlet, crescent moon stud earrings, parent's wedding rings as a necklace
Height: 5ft 1
Weight: 109lbs


The Queen of Sass

"How dare you insult my mother's name! You damn nobles know nothing of her...My mother is gentle and kind-hearted ."

Born as a lesser noble, it is expected of Rain to do what she can to bring honor to her name as the only child of House Reed's youngest daughter, but Rain is far from the ideal model of a noble. She is mischievous and short-tempered on the outside, but she has her kind moments with those who gain her trust. She is stubborn in her way at times if it means she can live the way she wants. Far from selfish, she thinks of her family's happiness before her own.

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