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24 / Male / In a Relationship
Texas - United States
Hello redoing this because last one i was 18 that was several years ago.

-About me
Thanks for continue reading let me tell you some about me, the age is wrong but im over 18, just 1 or 2 year older or younger. I being roleplaying for a few years off an on about 6 or 7. i just want make some good stories with anyone that wish to join me

-Roleplaying style
lest go for an eassy list
1) english is 2nd language
2) romance with something else is preferable
3) usally a few lines, how ever from time to time if the story is just to good i may do some paragraph.
4) i will do anything but lest talk about it before plz
5) i make character depending on plot and never rp as an cannon character

any other info you did like just ask im an open book thanks for taking the time to read this

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Aww thank you! You're an amazing roleplayer as well. I'm really enjoying our roleplay so far! :3
Mar 11th 2022 01:12

I'm not a good person. I'm a f***ing screw up....
Feb 23rd 2022 00:21

Me too
Feb 21st 2022 21:30

Mar 1st 2019 09:08

Hey bro get chu ass on here or discord and give me some lovins xD I needs some adopted sibling bonding time like talking and stuff otherwise Imma kill someone (maybe?)
Jan 9th 2019 23:26

Bro you there?
May 10th 2018 15:11

You swore...
May 10th 2018 14:41