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1. Be polite. Rudeness isn't tolerated
2. Assuming of any kind is not welcome.
3. Trolls and A**holes aren't welcome
4. Let's talk out the issues. Don't block people without trying to work things out

1. No text talk. You're instead of ur. You instead of u
2. Literacy is important. Your vs You're,. Their, There and They're
3. Story-driven instead of sex driven
4. My character is sassy and a tsundere. Please understand I'm not an ass.
5: NSFW allowed after a bond/chemistry
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◇She isn't big on sweets, but she will eat them if offered.
◇She doesn't tolerate bullying and will get herself into trouble if it solves the issue
◇She tends to spend a lot of time on a hill gazing up at the stars
◇She seems to attract wild animals despite her hunting hobby, so expect a new animal friend or two.
◇Rain seems to make friends easily with most people (unless they annoy her). She makes friends with an elderly merchant couple that treats her like a granddaughter.
◇Her favorite color is Green. Any shade except pastel green
◇She just wants to be happy without the fear of being used as a political pawn
◇She wears her father's wedding ring around her neck despite not knowing him
◇Rain has a scar that was caused by a broken bowstring. (This can be optional)
◇Ironically, Rain is scared of thunderstorms
◇Rain hates dresses because she feels her figure isn't right for them
◇If she feels safe around a lover , they will see her vulnerability. All her emotions, thoughts, and insecurities will be entrusted to the one she loves the most.
◇ The long haired version of Rain never really styles her hair. She just wears her circlets, hairpins, and other decorations
◇Rain rarely gets acne , her skin is soft and smooth
◇ Many nobles are just jealous of her youth and beauty
◇ Despite her Tsundere attitude, she has the qualities to be a great wife and mother.
◇ Canonically in the original story universe, Rain would be 26 today. In her time period that is pretty old for a woman that has not married
◇Rain's actual height if she was carried to full term would have been 5ft 7
◇She was born around midnight.
◇Her original birthday was January 16th
◇Her Zodiac is Capricorn
◇She is the only child of her bloodline, meaning she has to marry and have children or Arede has to look for a successor
◇Of all the jobs and career paths she has taken, Apothecary has been the most rewarding in every way.
◇Rain actually doesn't write cursive and refuses to when making notes of herbs, fruits and other ingredients
◇She knows how to make poison...but will she use it? It has to be a dire situation (Usually more dark RPs with Mature themes )
◇Rain also knows how to make dyes too , but unfortunately dye are not always a safe path due to lead and other poisonous materials.
◇In the original story universe, she has a pet black cat named Raven.
◇In the original universe. She is the type of woman to ask Maximilian to prove his loyalty as she doesn't want to be backstabbed or betrayed. This is a theme I kinda want to explore, with power balances or dynamics (not in a smut way) . class struggles, the idea that she's higher rank and he's at the bottom of the ranks. Maybe culture norms are thrown around . I feel they have everything for a drama angst romance . Of course I would like to see this after she helps his father
◇The long haired version of Rain is the version that has accepted her rank. The her that has given into femininity in appearance, dresses laced up to show what figure she has to catch the eyes of a suitor, the makeup to enhance her beauty, the jewelry that shows wealth. Despite Duchess Role she can be compared to that of a Princess/Queen at this point .
◇Duchess rank has caused her to grow up fast in her mid 20s.
◇She hates men that see her as a prize or a conquest, she hates being a trophy.
◇Borderline NSFW , Any touching needs to be consensual, hands on her waist are the grey area. She hates perverted men. She also hates men staring at her with hunger or lust in their eyes.
◇She has slapped men for their behavior. She has also lectured them for their lack of manners
◇By the Duchess phase she has shed the insecurities of being short and not aging
◇She is neither benevolent nor a tyrant.
◇She chose to become an apothecary due to seeing so many people suffering.
◇She knows she can't save everyone, but maybe she can at least ease pain and side effects.
◇Her job leaves her vulnerable to incurable illnesses meaning she's potentially sacrificing herself.
◇She is the reason Arede ends up as the medicine capital of Arkala.
◇She keeps a garden of herbs and plants to use.
◇She could be considered a Saint for her work in our world.
◇She has a shop of sorts with herbs and already made medicine. She knows people aren't rich , but she doesn't do it for profit
◇Development Trivia ◇

◇Rain was named by a former friend of mine. He broke his ties with me and I was given her
◇ Rain was originally a Fire Emblem OC. She's a Bow Knight with a secondary class of Pegasus Knight
◇Rain is my longest running OC (2013 - Present)
◇Rain became a fandomless OC as of 2021.
◇ She is loved by many for her bratty and immaturity nature, and her adorableness
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