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Karm's Blog


He started to feel strange after the meeting with Zhongli when he did the punishment of them.
He went to Xifan to ask if he was feeling unwell too, just to confirm that it is not only him who feels that way. Then arrived the hunger, he ate his normal portion of a day in the first couple of hours.
There is a servant that follows him everywhere that brings a bucket of food for emergency.
He is walking in the corridor trying to digest a little.
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At the end his family gave up, the food started to taste bad and they are not accustomed to do things that servants used to do for them. They escaped during the night and Childe decided to go to talk to Zhongli. The situation finished in an unexpected way...

The day after he woke up with a strange sense of nausea, he remained to sleep in the palace and as soon as he stands he notices something is odd. He has a strange... belly
He decides to go to see the doctor in the palace.
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After having a chat with his siblings about the changes he decided to go out and take something to eat for them. He is accustomed to cook himself but he likes to take care of his siblings and is not that bad as Ayato to cooking. He had a little of experience.
He took all the ingredients and is heading back to the place he rented.
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Back home?

He couldn't even imagine that it would feel so relieving to be back at Liyue.
He feels like if he is back home and after the experience he had he can finally do something for his siblings. And talking about siblings he took Dyonis under his protective wing, yeah they are not actually brothers but they don't care.
He is happy to show to his new sibling Liyue, he disappeared for a lot of time and he doesn't know how the Tsaritsa will react at the news of his return to Liyue. For now he tries to keep a low profile.

What is not expectable is that Blade went with them too, strangely after the battle on Arum he remained on Dyonis side the all time.

We can say Tartaglia matured with the last experiences after all he was almost possessed by a stellaron and found out his father was going to destroy the planet where he was born.
He is alone for now and is eating at the Wanmin restaurant and is waiting for Dyonis to arrive.
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The night before their landing on the new planet something off happens, they all have a nightmare about the sea abyss. The nightmare is vivid and the only similar thing in everyone is that they all woke up at the moment of their death in the nightmare...

He found himself in the middle of the ocean, not knowing how to swim he finished to go down and starting to drown he could see only black and his lungs started to hurt badly. A moment before to die he saw the lights of a city deep in the water but before he could see any detail he woke up. It took some seconds before he returned to breathe normally as if he was really drowning.

His nightmare was a little different, he was on the planet and he was swimming under the surface. With his shock he could breathe underwater.
He was swimming peacefully when someone, that seemed exactly as his twin blocked his road. The only difference was that the eyes were white and seemed without any emotion. The twin started to attack him with the idea of killing him but Tartaglia found out to be unable to fight underwater and finished to be killed, in the moment when the sword trespassed his earth he woke up.

The planet is open to outlanders and that is why on the surface the inhabitants of the planet created platforms where outlanders can take anything they need to visit the undersea. At the moment the platform is a little messy because of the strange climatic changes going on because of the stellaron.
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