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Of course now that the boys are gone and a few days have passed, he is in anxiety for what will happen on their side. Despite the script and all the measures, he can't help but worry nonetheless.

He has to work, though, and that manages to keep him busy for a while. Plus, the "homages" from Great Huang keep causing a bit of a show lately. From the girl who doesn't want to get out of the room, making the servants desperate to give her what she needs, to the boy who keeps crying, whining and pretty much complain about everything the servants do, since he is used to things done differently, different foods and so on. XD

And of course the servants come to bother him about it, all the time. They wouldn't disturb the king himself with it, Morax and Ziqun terrify them, so there is only poor Jing Yuan left, as an option. XD
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"Why should you be worried, I really started to get back on the right path!'' Hehe, since it is the most comfortable and rewarding path for now.
''Right now? I wouldn't say no...but I have someone living with me. Don't you have an office yet?
Secretary is the most obvious coming to my mind, I don't have any idea in particular. What is your position about exactly?'' Johan looks at Jing Yuan, moving his hands on his own hips.


«And I am supposed to believe it? All right, I'll pretend I can believe it, so now what? Are you going to show me your curriculum?» He snickers.
«I don't have an office yet. Maybe this was not meant to happen tonight, after all. Unless we find a spot in the palace where there is nobody…» He ponders.
«I will probably have to administrate the prison. So if it comes to it, what do you want to be, Mr Finn? The guard?»
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He was asked to go to take a look at the situation within Shuguang and he actually goes without complaining. He may be a bit lazy, but he is still a man with honour and principles.

After witnessing enough of the dire situation within the cities of Shuguang, he prepares to head back to Cloud Recesses.
He has to reach a specific spot by the sea, where he will be teleported back.
While there, though, he notices a boat rowing towards the shore. From his position he only sees one boy, the one who is moving the boat, as the young prince is lying down and thus is covered by the border of the boat.
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Since Chan warned him to take the children to the cafe, he obeyed. He doesn't know what happened, Chan just made him understand that there was a serious situation the children had to be protected from.

He takes them to Martin's cafe. Chan gave him some money so they can choose drinks and sweets, but the situation is tragic. WooPil keeps crying, due to being close to Shul, but Jing Yuan has no idea and doesn't know how to calm him down.

They are sat by a table inside the cafe. Jing Yuan has both Shul and WooPil in each of his arms. WooPil keeps crying.
Kiorii is sat in front of them, quietly eating a cheesecake.
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He and Cyno are sat by the couch of the living room and are having a chill conversation. Cyno is telling him that he is about to go to Sumeru to retrieve his belongings and to show Aron the big machines that can be found in the desert. Cyno has the arrogance to ask Jing Yuan if he wants to come too.
Just the idea to set foot in a desert makes him dry into a skeleton.
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