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19 / Male / In Love
LAKELAND, Georgia - United States
Really enjoy all genres but have a soft spot for light romance typically involving a bit of a magical twist of some kind. I am bisexual and really am open to anyone willing to be patient with me. I really only enjoy literate rps, as I am quite the grammar nazi when I am bothered by it. I love really long and plot driven rps so I am super willing to hash out all the details of an rp. I can play any kind of character that is necessary. If you need a partner of any kind, I am your guy!

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Just Incase no one told you today. I’m proud of you!
Aug 18th 2019 21:57

Goodnight!!!!~ I hope you sleep well ^ω^
Jun 30th 2019 03:47

Thanks for accepting. It's Nyane. I don't know if you're busy right now but message me when you're available.
Jun 16th 2019 19:52

Who went to sleep?
Jan 14th 2019 06:31