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21 / Male / Single
United States
Heya names Luke, not much to say other than I love to have fun
A few rules first
1-if I send the request I message first and viceversa
2-don’t be rude
3-Please don’t just message me a starter I’d like to discuss details first
That’s pretty much it, and I’m most interested in romance, fantasy, and adventure
4-don’t ignore me, I’ll gave you 7 days to respond, if you don’t then I’ll delete the conversation
I’m good with FxM MxM I am a dominated, I’ll also play as a girl if you’d like but I’ll only dominate girls in that situation

If you follow these rules we won’t have a problem at all, and like I mentioned, I am a dominant so I’m totally down to be your daddy, master, king etc I don’t mind at all. There are occasions where I’ll play sub but only when you ask me to

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RolePlay asked the question
Q. Did you know you can change your profile background and colors by going here?
A. Yes thank you
 Mar 4th 2019 08:26

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Jun 20th 2019 13:23

Bish slaps*
Jun 19th 2019 21:03

Just what?~ ^^
May 5th 2019 15:20

Can I just..
May 5th 2019 15:13

xD how can you still be single with those skills...
May 5th 2019 14:41

xD Lmao
Apr 30th 2019 17:55

- Who dis?
Apr 30th 2019 16:37