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(Varen Heart)
24 / Female / Single and Looking
Welcome to my page,
I’m a programmer in training so I am quiet busy coding some things and studying subjects which might bore you.

I love romance, fantasy and drama roleplays, as long as it isn’t rushed.

As you can see In my blog I create my own characters and I don’t mind using them or even creating new ones.

Now the typical:
“You add me? Message me first!”

I don’t mind your gender, all that matter for me is that we enjoy our roleplay.
I can play both genders, I'm bisexual and I have no problem to play a gay or a straight Couple.

I live in Germany, so I just like to mention that English is my second language and constantly try my best to improve.

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Latest Questions

Q. Sorry to bother you but uhm hello? Are you okay?
A. Hey, just life and sick. I will answer soon, just my computer is always online xD
 Jul 9th 2017 03:31

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Why wouldn’t I stick to our rp? XD
Jun 26th 2019 19:25

That's very true XD Too bad we don't get to talk much...
Jan 9th 2019 22:30

Don't worry about it. I am just really relieved to hear from you again
Apr 5th 2018 09:23

Is everything alright, darling?
Jan 25th 2018 12:07

Miss you~...
Jan 11th 2018 17:09

Jan 5th 2018 18:26

You seem busy these days *pout*
Hope everything is going alright
Jan 5th 2018 18:06

Thanks for the random pic to lighten up my profile ;)

Missed you
Jan 4th 2018 17:17

I neeever do that~
Sep 7th 2017 13:57

Sep 6th 2017 15:23