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(Aoi Sato)
20 / Female / Its Complicated
Hello there, loves, and welcome to my profile! Do stay a while.

The name's Aoi! It's wonderful to meet you~ I've decided to get a bit more serious about this roleplay thing. I do enjoy many genres, but I'm a total sucker for a good romance. Sending starters right from the start is totally allowed here! Pictures of my oc are in the profile pics album.

I'm open to crossovers, so long as the character is not a child. I accept everyone here, so don't let yourself get scared off! I don't want purely n*fw roleplays, if we have chosen to do something less than sfw. I need a good story! My responses won't always be the longest, but I'll try to match your length to the best of my abilities. I love, and totally need detail! Don't just say "He walked away." Add some spice!

My life is quite hectic, but I will definitely try to make it known if I cannot respond for a period of time. Thanks for your time, and I hope we can be friends!~

@Delusional_Deity is my master. He puts time and thought into his responses, and is all around quite a respectable person. He deserves only the best, so don't give anything less! ♡
@LittleLotte is my adorable little sister, treat her well.

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Pretty woman.
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Kujo asked the question
Q. aoi

dumb question but

do you believein ghosts/ spirits being real?
A. Why?
 Nov 21st 2021 01:09

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Milf lady.
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I have won the battle u.u
Dec 26th 2021 22:57

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Dec 24th 2021 22:05

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Dec 24th 2021 22:01