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35 / Male / Single
TX - United States
Can you catch my eye, my attention, and my curiosity?

I'm Trevor - at least for now.

There is a lot to who I am, and my profile does give you a glimpse into the man I am, what interests me, and so on.

I am very interested in RP, but I tend to create an experience that not only I think possibily someone is looking for, but someone who can surprise me in the same ways I do for her

RP is all about the flow of words, unpredictability, and blissful sensation.
I would be able to RP a scenario with you, of any kind, and completely leave you gasping for breath, trembling, while your skin tingles and crawls with goosebumps, sweat, and heat.

I would be more than happy to take you on this adventure.

My words and their rhythm through a RP scenario is unlike others and unique in ways that only one would have to find out. It doesn't have always have to be to that degree, and I am a very open minded person - I think the dialogue and tension, along with the power of the word and imagination, can truly bring about an encounter memorable.

My secret? I guess it's not a secret, but I am a writer/author. My imagination knows no limit. My details are surreal. The momentum is intoxicating. But the choice is yours...

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