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23 / Female / Single
Texas - United States
Welcome to my profile! My name is Madison! It's been a while since I roleplayed, but I'm decently experienced. I hope to develop my skills as I’m alittle rusty. Furthermore, I'd like to make new friends along the way! I’m fairly versatile & open to different ideas. I enjoy literate roleplay, but I can adjust to whatever is comfortable. Just let me know. Even if you have some weird ideas or plots, let’s discuss. Something might be worked out. But even I have some limits on things. Genres I enjoy primarily are; Fantasy, Romance, Er*t*ca & Slice of Life. I prefer roleplaying with my OCs who're mostly female. I will say, I do accept 18+ N/SFW, just lemme know! Photos I share I DO NOT own. They're only for aesthetic purposes.

I also do have a Discord. Let me know if you’d want to continue RP-ing here & or on Discord.

Also, please please do take the time to look at my rules.

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Brendan asked the question
Q. Can we rp more it was fun
A. Sure!
 Jan 7th 2020 12:09

Brendan asked the question
Q. Sorry for taking so long to reply can u forgive me
A. It’s okay! Your fine, it’s no biggie! ^_^
 Dec 29th 2019 22:59

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Feb 16th 2020 08:47

You're welcome!
Dec 18th 2019 01:48

anytime ;P
Dec 17th 2019 14:38

No prob so fm u
Dec 17th 2019 12:18

Thanks for accepting my request~ ;)
Dec 17th 2019 10:43