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(Jordan Ashton Price)
31 / Male / Single
New Orleans, Louisiana - United States

If I friend request you and you do not respond to my message within 2 days you will be blocked. I'm not a friend collector

Please be patient when asking me to do a starter. I struggle with writing decent starters sometimes. Patience is a virtue, please use it:)

Never ever expect me to write in third person as it creeps me out and I refuse to write that way-don't like it there's the door-

I have my limits, if I say no to something I mean it, do not ask again

You must be 18 or older to view this account and rp with me

Be kind and don't be an ass, this is a drama free zone

Don't ask for Discord or Kik or Snap. I only RP here and here only. If I choose to share outside info with you, your very very lucky!

"The war on the streets is fuelled by men like me. My job is to supply the product, their job is to fight over rats going after I feel bad? f*** No...these streets took from me...and now its time to take some back"

Jordan Ashton Price aka The Napalm Knight is my main OC, he is a gangster and leader of a marijuana distribution business operating out of Louisiana, however he is currently posted in New Orleans as he runs his club 'The Lying Leaf'.

Jordan is not a murderous mad man like some gangsters would have you believe, he firmly believes in diplomacy and talking over violence however...He is infamous for burning his enemies alive with napalm, hence his nickname 'The Napalm Knight' and this is why he is feared.

Jordan is currently the biggest distributor of Marijuana in the state of Louisiana and is heavily involved in the Haitian and Caribbean communities as he is half Jamaican and he mainly operates with gangs of African American ethnic backgrounds and Native Americans. His main competitions are gun runners and Mexican cartels. (Jordan)

My mains

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and more to come!

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Q. ...k fine i'm sorry!
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nianna asked the question
Q. that's the only reason?! you could've told me
A. Babe i tried but you didnt listen...just sayin *shrugs*
 Aug 28th 2019 23:47

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you will in time
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i feel great
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