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Name: daniel (danny) tae-yeon
Age: 25
Gender: cisgender male
Sexuality: bisexual
Species/Race: human / asian . black
Birthday: february 5th

Skills: Danny is highly skilled when it comes to blocking (referring to volleyball). he observes each play that is happening in front of him and narrows down those unable to join in the attack and moves in to block on his own will. he is a very experienced read blocker who doesn't get tricked by decoys and is able to quickly track down the ball.

Personality:danny yeon. a polite young man who exerts a sense of calmness and composure no matter what kind of situation he is within. with others, he can be friendly of a person; who while rarely engages himself in conversations first, would always reply back with a smile on his face if asked first. In a way, danny can often be associated with “ nonchalant ” with his composure and ease of efficiency when needing to get things down. it seems like nothing can faze the other, whether is be the stress of his work or the expectations placed on him.
Likes: animals, relaxing in bed with a good book, volleyball, well made cup of coffee, rainy days (only if he’s indoors), being praised for his hard work, witty banter, outdoor Onsens, early morning jogs
Dislikes: being compared to others, not getting any rest, bitter coffee, being called “ dispassionate “, animals in distress

Backstory: a young man with a semi-appreciative family with whom he constantly tries to please. he was born in south korea with an african american mother and asian father, both of which were incredibly strict to young danny; making him join many sports and extracurricular that would incredibly stress the young boy. despite daniel feeling overwhelmed with all of the work placed upon him, he’d bite his tongue and trudge on, for he wanted to receive the sweet praise his parents never seemed to grant him.
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