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(Riku Kingdomhearts)
25 / Male / Forever Alone
United Kingdom

"a good friend sees you for who you are, no matter what face you wear."

don't unfriend me or block me without giving a valid reason as to why, or this causes me to get really upset and angry that I have to lose a RP partner without a reason.

i'm probably one of the most experienced RPers on this site that is still active with around 8-10years RP experience, so if you hit that friend request button, you made the right choice ^_^ I just a few house rules to get started:

YOU ADD YOU TALK. I ADD I TALK. that should clean things up a bit.

replies will be slow as i'm juggling work all the time now. please remind me if i haven't replied to your message within a week. also i have 8 years RP experience under my belt.

Riku is a canon character from the game Kingdom Hearts, although I also have a furry version of riku (profile pic) for furry RPs, i do have a human riku for RPs, depending on the RP at hand.

pre rule: I try to reply to all messages within 7 days. anything after that, please poke me. your message may have been forgotten my the amount of messages I get.

1. the RP must ALWAYS be in third person. also if you add, you talk. if I add, I talk. simple.

2. I do not RP with one liners or text talkers. I don't mind spelling errors since I appreciate some effort put into the RP as I like to do.

3. no er*tica. I like romance and fluff RPs, although I may allow it, so long as there's a story and we don't dive straight into it.

4. I know some of you may be busy (so am I) but I would appreciate it if you could reply maybe once a day at least? usually I give it a week (7 days) before I consider unfriending you.

5. NO DRAMA! - i'm not your therapist. I don't wanna hear your problems in life, I just want to roleplay. people violating this rule will be blocked.

6. no real life profiles will be added.

7. please do not control my character(s)

Latest Status

// i'm sorry but due to the covid situation, it's getting very busy at work and i won't be able to RP on here as much due to working overtime every weekend it seems.
Mood: busy
1  May 23rd 2020 13:38

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