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22 / Female / Single
Tokyo, Japan
Thanking for choosing my account to look at I have some rules before I get started !

Theses are the rules and the rules only, they will be not only here but on a blog post so please read them through!

Number one , please do not text me and ask to do I one liner I will not only ask you to read my rules but I will unadded you if it happens again

Number two , please be patient with my time , I am more active during my country’s nighttime but sometime throughout the day , if I happen to take too long send me a message (this means 2 days not 2 hours!)

Number three, if you start the rp with adult content and it is based off of it I will block you and any other account you try to send me , as I am ok with these themes just not it being the whole plot as it gets boring and it’s uninteresting

If you follow all three we should not have a problem!

Start roleplaying with members like __ARTIC__!



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Jan 18th 2023 23:09

When will you actually respond like?
Jun 23rd 2022 15:27

Dqng I got ghosted
May 28th 2022 02:51

Hello there
Sep 4th 2021 22:05

Jul 4th 2021 01:18